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Salesforce: Achieve Business Productivity

Customer Relationship Management Process organize and optimize the relationship between a provider entity and its consumers. The rules governing this relationship are so common that CRM systems have found their way into commercial and non-commercial arenas alike. One rule that's persistent in this relationship is simplicity. Salesforce CRM excels in simplicity. It combines the most advanced and innovative features with simplicity for users, developers and administrators.

Cetrix Cloud Services selected Salesforce as its premier CRM offering because all the above virtues of Salesforce nicely coincide with our mission and vision of helping startups, SMEs, nonprofits and public organizations to use technology to optimize their operations. 

By Business Type

CRM Software Salesforce and Cetrix Cloud Services will help your Startup grow and expand by helping you to acquire customers, learn about them and foster both their growth and yours. With a unique set of tools that allow you to collect and analyse data, track and manage customer contacts, organise your sales and service pipelines and collaborate across multiple devices anytime and anywhere, Salesforce for Startups is specifically designed to help realise your growth and your goals. 

By Productivity and Need

Needs and requirements vary from business to business. However, there are a number of things that they all have in common.

Lead generation and prospecting can be a challenge. You should be able to analyse this information and understand it is crucial to the success of your business.

Salesforce Digital transformation can help you meet the demands of your prospects and clients, while organizing your business and bringing your sales and marketing teams closer together through a single pane of glass.

By Industry

 Integrating customer data onto a single platform helps you to understand your customer journey more fully and can help identify and capitalise on opportunities for cross-selling, and create personalised offerings of products and services for each individual. 

Having a 360 degree view of customers at both a personal and business level ensures the conversation you’re having with them meets all their needs and engages them in the way they want. 

Salesforce CRM can provide a solution for the industry you're in and can help you grow and expand whilst keeping your customers at the center of your focus.

Our Approach

Our services add tremendous value to every Salesforce implementation we carry out. The main advantages of our approach to Salesforce implementation are:

  • We try to be as flexible as possible with our prices so the customer who comes to us to solve their problems is satisfied.
  • We devise a plan that's adapted to the requirements and constraints of our customer.

  • We work with our customer in all phases of the project so that anything that's left out of the requirements statement is reflected in the outcome.

  • We support everything we do, and offer comprehensive support plans to our customers to choose from, according to their needs.


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