Why Startups need a CRM System

Dino Sergio - Sep 5, 2016 7:07:00 PM

Before explaining why each business needs a CRM system, it is important to understand just what exactly a CRM system is. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is the practice of analyzing and managing customer feedback, as well as interactions, to increase customer retention and to elevate customer relationships. While this approach to the company/customer dynamic is a fairly new concept, its inherent advantages have led to many organizations scrambling to quickly adopt its model and practices. At the vanguard of this shift, is the proprietary Salesforce CRM, a wildly popular cloud-based CRM software for companies of all sizes, scaling to fit the needs of any business.


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So, why does every business need a CRM system? Consider the following:

  • Understanding a customer’s point of view is often incredibly difficult due in no small part to a consistent mismanagement of the communication chain. A CRM system ensures all pieces of the ongoing conversation are accurately captured and that nothing is lost.
  • A consistent company identity is incredibly important for maintaining brand cohesion.  This is especially important when interacting with a new customer. A CRM system can help simplify this by unifying the Sales, Management and Customer Service elements of an organization, ensuring that all parties are in-sync when engaging with the public.
  • A dynamic platform operating in the cloud, such as Salesforce CRM ensures continual information availability. keeping you in the game no matter where you are or on what device (mobile, PC, etc.).


A CRM system can keep your organization up to date with timely reports through highly customized visual reports. Since it is all automated, you can be sure that you will never miss out on an important benchmark ever again.

  • Help your organization grow with the use of smart apps which can intelligently configure themselves based on use and then optimize everything with the help of data automatically sourced from the customer’s online storage.
  • A scalable system ensures that you will never be at a disadvantage if needing more computational power in the future.

Why Startups need a CRM

Why your Startup needs a CRM now?

CRM for Startups, such as Salesforce for Startups, as opposed to traditional pen and paper, are much more streamlined and easier to work with. Most startups do not want to remain that way forever. A CRM helps facilitate the growth of your business through optimization as it only takes hitting over 100 opportunities annually that a business becomes quickly becomes inefficient if continuing to manually handle everything. A CRM platform will help you quickly organize and analyze your data while accurately identifying your ideal customer base. It provides a platform on which your customers can meet as well as discuss central ideas which can easily foster ideas about potential areas of growth; which is a crucial element to the expansion of your own startup. Having everything under one roof, from prospects, dashboards, automatic inventory reports to sales orders and invoicing is not only extremely useful, but also crucial if looking to maintain the lean-efficiency necessary to remain competitive in todays rapidly-evolving market.


The Salesforce Dashboard

CRM & Startups

As a startup, your main focus should be on finding the right customers for your product and then cultivating those relationships while continuing to promote and develop your product; A CRM proves exponentially advantageous in this regard. Both large and small companies have shown a 52% of increase in lead volume after their collaboration with and implementation of Salesforce. 

The increased efficiencies of a CRM service begin to quickly compound resulting in huge monetary savings when compared to more traditional methods of doing business. A CRM can integrate with a host of other tools already in the market to ensure a higher production value, something particularly attractive to an already cash-strapped startup.

A streamlined visual approach also ensures higher reachability and keeps the focus of the development team on the issues at hand. Consulting with a company like Cetrix Cloud Services that specializes in providing CRM services to startups and small businesses can help you make the most informed decisions when navigating this new path.  

Need help with deciding if Salesforce for Startups is right for your company? Contact our consultants and we will work with you to devise the perfect integration strategy, approach, and plan that will work with your budget and current infrastructure.

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