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What is Salesforce?


What is Salesforce?
The journey of Salesforce began as Software as a service known as (SaaS) CRM organization. Salesforce now providing its customers many software arrangements. It provides a great platform to its clients and developers where they can easily and efficiently discover and distribute custom programming software. is one of the best platform based on multi-tenant engineering and architecture. The biggest advantage of using it is the client is not required to manage technology by updating the latest versions, it happens automatically which helps organizations to focus on innovations, rather than managing technology.
Beginning of Salesforce
Before Salesforce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) were facilitated by using company’s own server. Would you be able to visualize the expense, and time consumption of an organization? Well, time period of months, and even years were spent for this task. Salesforce is one of the biggest solution for this problem which started as a software service (SaaS). In this tech world, Salesforce is the fifth-largest software company.
Salesforce services and products
The understating of the Services and products that salesforce offers is compulsory to understand what Salesforce actually is. A wide variety of products, and services are offered by Salesforce in Cloud computing, social areas and mobile areas.
Following are the services which can be offered by Salesforce:
o Salesforce Sales Cloud:
The service name is pretty much clear that this CRM platform will allow an organization to deal with the management of some areas like marketing and trades, customer support services and so-on. The main requirement of your company’s sales department can be fulfilled by using Salesforce sales cloud, if your company is involved in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C).

o Salesforce Marketing Cloud:
This service of Salesforce provides you with one of the most dominant and remarkable computerized marketing platform. Such platforms can be highly used by the organizations to manage customer’s records, emails, attachments, content making, and content management as well.

o Salesforce Service Cloud:
This platform is also known as a service platform offered by Salesforce service cloud services. It provides highlights and contains features such as case following or tracking and informal communication module for discussion. It is not only useful for solving client’s queries and issues but also provide a quality answer to their client’s problems which helped them solve their problems easily.

o Salesforce Community Cloud:
This service is considered as the best service for those organizations whose requirements are based upon socialism. It provides a social platform where organizations can easily connect with their clients and partners. Exchanging real time trade information and images can also be done by utilizing this service.

o Salesforce Commerce Cloud:
This service is an amazing service offered by Salesforce commerce cloud which provides you the facility to give consistent client care and experience regardless of your client’s location. It can be done online or in-store.

o Salesforce Analytics Cloud:
This service provides an organization, a platform to manage their trade and businesses intelligently. It deals with the working and management of huge data documentaries, plotting graphs, different charts and tables and other pictorial illustrations of data.

o Salesforce App cloud:
This service is extremely useful for the development of various applications that will run on Salesforce platform. For the fulfillment of this requirement, organizations can move towards App cloud service. List of some tools which are included in App Cloud:
• Salesforce Thunder.
• AppExchange.
• Salesforce sandbox.
• Heroku.

o Salesforce IOT Cloud:
In order to implement or utilize Internet of things (IOT) technology, organizations may use this Salesforce service in order to achieve their objectives. In this process, a huge amount of data produced by various devices, application programs, clients, websites and partners can be received. On accepting this information, the stage will start to perform real time operations.

Statistics which helps organizations to pick Salesforce
According to May 2016 statistics, there is a huge range of customers all around the world (approximately 150,000) which uses this platform. Salesforce rules with a 19.7% part of the overall market place in the world of CRM. There are over 2,700 applications of Salesforce AppExchange features driven a sum of more than 3 million installations and 70% of its clients may use those application programs that are recorded on their AppExchange features.

Companies which Uses Salesforce
There are many companies in the world which uses this great platform to solve their business problems. Here, we will discuss how HCL (Hindustan Computer Limited) company implemented Salesforce platform to solve their business related issues.
o To meet advanced business requirements, HCL switched their organization from previous application program that is .NET SFA and immediately decided to implement, coordinate and relocate new Salesforce application program that is SFA (Software that helps in business tasks automation).
o One of the most challenging task is to reduce data redundancy and irregularity produced by multiple applications.
To overcome above challenges, HCL chose to use Salesforce SFA platform.
By all counts and with proven results, it is no wonder that the need and implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is necessary to solve business problems efficiently. Salesforce platform of CRM plays a vital role in the fulfillment of the needs, and requirements of businesses and it also provides quality solutions to organizations to overcome their business problems as well. Customer Relationship Management along with decision-making on data got for organizations strategy, sharing of information, or records of customers in the company is considered as the mandatory process for any organization to achieve their objectives.

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