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Salesforce generally accommodates the most delicate information of an association, and monitoring who is authorized to access that information to ensure its protection. Before you can secure your data, you must know where the information is and who can get access to it. This is where the concept of User Activity Monitoring in Salesforce arrives. In this article, we will discuss the process of monitoring user activities in Salesforce.
User Activity Monitoring is the tracking and recording of user actions in a digital environment for the protection of data and delicate information. User activity monitoring is essential for safeguarding sensitive cloud-based information. Salesforce can store and secure a huge amount of regulated, intimate, and exclusive information accessible by a large number of CRM users. With all this delicate information in the cloud and the capability to access it anytime and anywhere, Salesforce user activity monitoring is essential. Saved user activities in Salesforce incorporates authorization changes, login endeavors, software usage, and many more.
Purpose of User Activity Monitoring
User Activity Monitoring can record almost every user’s actions. The reason behind monitoring users is not to become an authoritarian to your workers. But the purpose of monitoring user's for the security of important and sensitive data is to manage endorsement, assuage risk, advance user experience, and develop a protective situation for strategic data. The average charge per stolen record in a data aperture is $150, and that is before figuring in the charge of lacking belief or lost trust and legitimate fines. Monitoring information access allows an administrator to proactively avert such charges across the cloud applications like Salesforce.
User Activity Monitoring in Salesforce
In Salesforce, User Activity Monitoring can determine the following user actions
    o Changed profiles and authorizations.
    o Customer login information.
    o Reports being run by the users.
    o Information transported through reports or APIs.
    o Record access trends.
    o Leading users and many more.
Salesforce administrators can take advantage of User Activity Monitoring to acquire more perceptibility in the stability of the Salesforce Organization, including four basic regions:
    o Protection.
    o Consent.
    o Utilization and Accommodation.
    o Performance.
With these intuitions, you can interpret your workforce, make modifications to increase performance, and take Salesforce from an elementary tool to guide of efficiency, productivity, trust, and progress.
                                                   Salesforce Completed Activities
1. Protection
The average expense of information aperture is $3.92 million. Organizations like Facebook, Equifax, and Google experience fiscal issues due to information aperture. A number of apertures are brought by insiders, whether acrimoniously or inadvertently. The 2019 expense of an information aperture report demonstrated that the organization's insiders cause most of these apertures. These statistics are the only one reason for the existence of user activity monitoring. User Activity Monitoring has developed exponentially due to the organizations have to protect delicate information in cloud applications.
Proactive protection and security monitoring can analyze unusual user actions such as:
    o An Illegitimate authorization or profile alterations.
    o Unusually large exports.
    o Nonparticipating report runs.
    o A typical login action.
Administrators can observe if a user logs in at strange or irregular hours, such as on weekends or late at night, or if they log in from an alternate or different IP address, demonstrating that they are getting access to Salesforce from unpredictable location. With this data, you can avoid unauthorized access that could lead to information aperture.
You have been involved in User Activity Monitoring if you have entered Setup Audit Trial to have a look at the log of administrative activities happening in your Salesforce org. Setup Audit Trail gives a log of user-created actions, such as new fields created or authorizations changed, to determine when, from where and by whom the changes are being made. Monitoring user activities encourage you proactively protect your Salesforce org by analyzing doubtful activities and addressing them, diminishing your specialized assault services.
2. Compliance
Organized industries like health and financial services follow compliance systems that require user activity monitoring. As a Salesforce user in an organized industry, fulfilling compliance standards is necessary for many reasons, such as if you want to strengthen trust, and you would prefer not to receive heavy fines. Non-compliance with GDPR, for instance, can acquire fines of up to €20 million or four percent of yearly global turnover, whichever is more noteworthy.
In Salesforce, more than 170 individual user authorizations can be altered, which provides opportunities for the users to get access to delicate information. Changes in authorizations, whether deliberate or not, can expose your organization to dangers if the users have excessive data access than required for their work. Excessive access to information can put your organization at the danger of being non-compliant and at a risk for the unnecessary user activity. User activity monitoring determines alterations that can lead to protection and security threats such as:
    o Profile or authorization changes.
    o User creation and demilitarization.
    o Protection control changes.
By monitoring these aspects, you do not need to carry out complicated efforts to physically analyzing your authorizations and profiles, protecting your time and adjusting your organization with compliance and protection system. Alternatively, user activity monitoring instruments can show you, at a user central level, analysis about when, from where and who changed the authorizations.
3. Usage and Accommodation
User activity monitoring intuitions can also disclose the user’s interaction with Salesforce. Usage and accommodation are essential for users influence Salesforce. Usage and accommodation are essential for users to influence Salesforce and monitoring certain activities can disclose whether the team is using CRM in all respects.
Usage and accommodation information acquired from the user actions can lead your workout and instructive ventures to encourage more practical use of the application. You can identify the most vigorous Salesforce user to make a standard for other's conduct. You can also utilize that user's effectiveness as an inspiration or tag them to help to teach others.
Salesforce Login History document records login endeavors, including defaults. This data helps to monitor user activities. By going through the login history, you can recognize which user log in daily and get an advantage from their Salesforce license. You can also find those who are not logging in; these users may require more instructions on how to make use of Salesforce or may not have any need for the license.
4. Performance
Accessing performance is necessary for calculating Salesforce’s influence on activities. Calculating performance through User Activity Monitoring is an effective method to examine you are utilizing the CRM expertly. Administrators can observe occasions like failed logins to identify if there is an issue with the login page or account authorizations. Impoverished page performance may disclose bankrupt links or 404 errors. You can similarly access performance based on Apex occasions and community performance. User activity monitoring reports disclose fields that should be addressed, which is essential because the performance of your Salesforce organization is directly affected with effectiveness, performance, and Return on Investment (ROI).
                                                       Sales Performance Analysis
                              Salesforce Shield: Occasion Monitoring
With Occasion Monitoring, you can check user actions and avoid loss of information. Organization Monitoring gives the review block files from Salesforce. These blocks contain data up to 50 exclusive, user-generated occasions.
Occasion Monitoring blocks give access to reply to addresses such as:
    o Are withdrawing employees transporting delicate information?
    o Are inoperative users trying to log in?
    o Which users logged in most recently and which did not?
    o Are users suffering Community log in defaults?
    o What were the most accessed Visual force (VF) pages and who got access to them?
    o What is the trend between successful and defaulted logins?
    o Who has intensified privileges to "operate" or "sysadmin"?
    o What authorizations or profiles have been altered?
Allowing Occasion Monitoring in Salesforce can streamline and improve your Salesforce utilization. You can monitor and track user activities for the protection of data, security, use and accommodation, compliance, and accomplishments or performance with comfort as long as you utilize perceptibility instruments to process the raw Occasion Monitoring log information.

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