What Are the Benefits of Using Health Cloud for Hospitals and Clinics

Mark Khabosha - May 5, 2017 3:57:09 PM

Health Cloud for Hospitals

The evolution of technology means new innovative ways for businesses to get ahead and lead their industries. Healthcare is no exception. A Deloitte Survey on U.S. Health Consumers, 2012 claimed, “78% of patients are unsatisfied with the U.S. healthcare system.” The use of Salesforce Health Cloud for Hospitals was met with resistance at first, but today many health centers are embracing Salesforce’s innovative tool to deliver excellent quality care that benefits patients and leaves them satisfied. The benefits of using Salesforce Health Cloud for Hospitals and clinics keep growing everyday as different establishments continue to discover new ways of applying cloud CRM solutions in healthcare.

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 Health Cloud: Turning health-care around in real-time while keeping the patient a priority

Health Cloud for quick service delivery

Patients appreciate it when they are attended to and treated fast. The quicker the healthcare staff can deliver services to patients the better for the institution, as time will be saved and used to advance other tasks in a hospital or clinic. Salesforce Health Cloud for Hospitals allows for highly personalized service delivery to patients. Patient files are available for everyone concerned with the case to access and follow; it allows treatment and surveillance protocols to be decided upon fast in a cost-effective and convenient manner. 


Secured Cloud-based data storage – one of the biggest benefits of using Cloud in Healthcare

Innovative collaborations with Health Cloud

Health professionals can benefit from innovative collaborations by using Health Cloud. Cloud computing technology makes it possible for physicians to collaborate and work on a patient as a team at a distance. Salesforce has functions built in and adapted in the CRM platform specifically for hospitals and clinics that make it possible to develop this level of teamwork.

What are the benefits of using Health Cloud for hospitals and clinics

This means that hospitals can seek and benefit from highly specialized expert opinions and also offer some of their specialized services to other hospitals without the need to be at location. According to latest studies, “73% of industry professionals will use the cloud to host patient empowerment tools”.

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A sample data-chart depicting the numbers in Healthcare Cloud usage.

Centralized data on Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud uses a centralized data storage system on the cloud, meaning data analytic tools can be used to monitor medical services rendered and adapt according to need. What is more, hospitals that perform research and clinical trails can benefit from cloud stored data: patient files and statistics are easily accessed even from mobile devices. There is no need to be at the hospital location anymore to get data and work on a research project. Administrators can easily manage hospital tasks and prioritize tasks in real time without the need to call time-consuming staff meetings or send out mass emails.

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Taking it a step further – E-Health Cloud

The bottom line

Salesforce Health Cloud for hospitals and clinics has changed the way health institutions deliver care and manage patients. There are so many benefits of adopting the technology, many hospitals are empowering patients to be proactive in managing their own healthcare through CRM engagements. Almost 83% of all healthcare organizations have, today, adopted Cloud-Based Apps.

With real-time reports and analytics, data available in one place, available at any time, you can expand your reach and uncover new opportunities with analytics through the power of Salesforce Healthcare Cloud. Salesforce Healthcare Solution integrates patient data enabling access by providers and patients when they need it. Need help with your integration strategy? Contact our consultants and we will work with you to devise the perfect integration strategy, approach, and plan that will work with your budget and current infrastructure.

Introducing Salesforce Healthcloud 3 core advantages

  • Complete patient view
  • Smarter patient management
  • Connected patient engagement

Learn more on Patient-centered healthcare

Introducing Salesforce Healthcloud 3 core advantages

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Mark Khabosha

Mark Khabosha

Mark is a senior Salesforce consultant and developer at Cetrix Cloud Services. He headed the IT team at Cetrix for six years, with administration and development of Salesforce as its main responsibility. He also has 18 years of IT experience in software engineering and system integration behind him. He enjoys helping startups and non-profit organizations select and deploy the right technology for their specific needs.

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