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Sales & Marketing Alignment

Poor strategy & disorganized data sources are the formula for poor collaboration, customer retention, and performance. We’ll align your sales and marketing staff with solutions for each step of the customer buying journey. Maximize your marketing and sales automation.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Better Leads-to-Deals Conversions

We provide your company with everything it needs to go to market, win the attention of your customers, boost conversions, and increase revenue even in challenging times.

  • Boost conversion rates with strategies backed by data.
  • Create a single source of information for your sales team.
  • Leverage concrete data to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Utilize Commerce Cloud Salesforce to boost efficiency.
  • Integrate Sales Cloud in Salesforce to create a platform customized to your business needs.
Better Leads-to-Deals Conversions
Lead Nurturing To Build Real Relationships

Lead Nurturing To Build Real Relationships

Bring in high-quality leads, nurture them strategically, and convert them into paying customers who come back for more.

  • Get a bird’s-eye view of all customer data.
  • Learn what they’re doing and what they want the most.
  • Gather buying data, customer information, and communication with them in one convenient place.

Optimize Your Marketing With Data

Use business insights and intelligence to empower your marketing and sales teams. Better information means better decisions, which improve performance throughout the entire pipeline.

  • Target customers at every stage of their buying journey.
  • Help your sales team win more often.
  • Spot growth opportunities you might have missed without CETDIGIT’s customized solutions.
Optimize Your Marketing With Data

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Quick Questions

How can the cloud service Salesforce offers help me reach my business goals?

Commerce Cloud Salesforce helps you create an efficient, scalable service that boosts customer and company satisfaction. It automates processes and streamlines workflows allowing you to provide excellent service.


How can Sales Cloud in Salesforce improve my sales and marketing strategies?

Sales Cloud in Salesforce provides sales and marketing alignment that identifies relevant leads, provides a hub for developing sales plans, and guides customers through the funnel for optimal conversions.


How will HubSpot sales and marketing alignment benefit my business?

HubSpot is an ideal platform for sales and marketing alignment. It helps you build campaigns off marketing personas, designate staff to handle leads, and offers helpful resources.

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We deliver tailored solutions that work for your organization, industry, and business goals. Check out some of our customer success stories.

The Market Is Changing More Than Ever. Can Your Company Keep Up?

Keep your data aligned and easy to access so your organization can move with speed, act on new ideas, and grow without the invisible friction that hampers growth.