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Summit - Streamlining Medical Device Maintenance

Medical Device Maintenance

Summit: Enhancing the Efficiency of Medical Device Maintenance

Picture this; in the world of hospital device maintenance, a dedicated team of service engineers embarked on a daily mission to keep vital medical equipment in top-notch condition. They were the unsung heroes, tirelessly traveling from one hospital to another, swiftly addressing issues with ultrasound and X-ray machines. But their path was fraught with challenges.

Each hospital had its own unique set of requirements, and the service engineers had to carry a vast assortment of spare parts to ensure they could fix any malfunction. Managing this ever-expanding inventory became a daunting task, as they struggled to keep track of which parts were available and where they were located. On top of that, they needed to maintain a comprehensive database of data, including work orders, sales orders, and invoices, in order to provide efficient service.

Amidst this chaos, the service engineers yearned for a solution that could streamline their operations and alleviate their burden. They dreamed of a system that would automate the entire service process, right from dispatching assignments to ordering the necessary parts on demand. They longed for a way to simplify the creation of work orders, sales orders, and invoices, allowing them to focus solely on their primary mission—repairing and maintaining hospital equipment.

In the heart of this technological quest, a partnership was forged between the service engineers and the brilliant engineers at CETDIGIT. Determined to revolutionize the hospital maintenance landscape, they set out to find a solution that would transform their vision into reality. And lo and behold, they discovered the perfect combination of Salesforce Field Service and Rootstock.

With Salesforce Field Service, the service engineers were able to embrace a new era of automation. The dispatching process, once riddled with manual intervention, became a seamless operation. Assignments were now effortlessly assigned to the engineers, optimizing their schedules and reducing downtime. Furthermore, the engineers could utilize Salesforce's powerful tools to order the necessary parts with ease, eliminating the stress of managing a labyrinthine inventory.

But the journey didn't stop there. To truly customize the process and ensure it aligned perfectly with their needs, the team at Summit harnessed the full potential of Rootstock. They leveraged its robust capabilities to build out a tailored solution, meticulously crafting each step of the service process. Rootstock became the backbone of the operation, seamlessly integrating with Salesforce Field Service and
providing the service engineers with a comprehensive suite of tools.

As the dust settled and the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place, the service engineers and Summit marveled at the transformation they had achieved. The once convoluted process of dispatching engineers, managing documentation, and ordering parts had been streamlined to perfection.

Gone were the days of laborious paperwork and manual inventory management. The engineers now wielded the power of automation, with work orders, sales orders, and invoices being effortlessly generated through the Salesforce and Rootstock integration. This not only saved them valuable time but also reduced the chances of errors and enhanced the overall efficiency of the process.

The true beauty of this solution lay in the cost and time savings it brought. The automation tools provided by Salesforce allowed the service engineers to work smarter, not harder. They could now focus their energy on what they did best—repairing and maintaining hospital equipment—without being bogged down by administrative tasks. The result was a substantial increase in productivity and a significant reduction in operational costs.

In the end, Summit and the service engineers had achieved their shared vision. They had turned a challenging situation into an opportunity for growth and innovation. Through their collaboration and the power of Salesforce Field Service and Rootstock, they had created a harmonious ecosystem where hospital maintenance thrived, and patient care soared to new heights.


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Study3Salesforce Field Service and Rootstock were the two primary Salesforce tools used for this project.

CETDIGIT Used Salesforce to streamline their service process to save time and

Prior to CETDIGIT’s implementation, keeping track of spare parts inventory was
a tedious process

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