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How CRM can help fighting Coronavirus

CRM can help fighting Coronavirus

An unexpected and rapid growth of a human-killer disease “Coronavirus” also referred as (COVID-19), is an infectious disease which has killed hundreds of people. As terrors grow that Coronavirus will evolve into a global epidemic, the number of canceled events and activities are growing day by day .In the battle against COVID-19, developing industries and institutions have stood out to combat against the disease by utilizing specialized software solutions. By using expert Customer Relationship Management software technologies, CRM has taken measures to combat it. In this article, we have discussed how CRM software solutions have contributed to fight for this contagious disease. It also offers understanding and vision into how technology are better preparing us to handle public health issues and the spread of this infectious disease.
A novel coronavirus has infected thousands and killed hundreds of Chinese population. The disease continues to spread to other nations as well. Along with World Health Organization (WHO), the advanced industries are also working extremely hard to treat the infectious people, acquire more information about the disease and spread awareness among people. To safeguard the health of the employees and communities, CRM has been making constant struggles and approaches to discover significant solutions for the Coronavirus Outbreak.
How CRM fight against Covid-19 ?
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technical and innovative platform whose idea is to approach this situation with urgency and compassion. Its topmost priority is to ensure the health and safety of their clients, communities, and prospects.
A Communications Action Plan
CRM officials have highlighted the importance of using exact and precise text in communication. To avoid panic, keep the messages simple and genuine and only share accurate information from government or Health associations. Moreover, they advised to be aware of circumstances and ready to act. An initial crises strategy on the basis of Public Health Organization’s recommendation should be accumulated in anticipation that the spread of the disease arrives any part of your association.

How CRM Software helps fight against Covid-19?
Response of HubSpot CRM to Coronavirus:
HubSpot have responded to Covid-19 Outbreak.
o Worker Travel:
This CRM software has introduced defensive measures to control the dangers of the viral infection by restricting all organization-related travel. All pre-planned events, client visits and trips to global HubSpot offices have been assisted to cancel till April 9th, 2020. With the sudden spread and a huge number of confirmed coronavirus cases locally, face to face new contract preparing and onboarding are also cancelled in HubSpot workplaces.

o Distant Work:
With over 300 global employees, HubSpot is considered to be an ardent supporter of remote work and now, it concentrates even more due to an unexpected and sudden growth of an infectious virus.

o Events Cancellation:
Several upcoming events, whether internal and external including annual Partner Days in Dublin and Cambridge, and the President’s Club Trip have been cancelled by HubSpot. It is also utilizing a careful decision-making framework for further events, includes HubSpot User Groups, and speaking engagements on the basis of coronavirus cases.

o In-house communications:
At the moment, HubSpot’s foremost goal is to spread awareness and necessary information regarding the situation among their employees. HubSpot’s HR team and management departments are utilizing their internal or in-house communication equipment, including HubSpot’s emails, Slack, and Wiki to update their workers on the latest innovations.

Response of CETRIX to Covid-19:
Cetrix also take care of their employees and communities by providing possible penalties and precautionary measure to prevent from the virus.

o Working from home strategy:
All worldwide workplaces of Cetrix has introduced a new policy of remote working to prevent their employees and for security purposes. Cetrix is using Zoom Meetings & Chat
Enterprise video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing, since we already have good experience with our clients and also our employees.

o Cetrix Cloud Services and Customer Support:
Cetrix guarantees and continues to provide quality customer support services. Our services are vital for customers to solve their problems and respond to their queries.
Cetrix has setup its customer support teams to respond promptly to any issues even while working remotely.

By all counts and with proven results, it is no wonder that Cetrix has deliberately put all of its efforts, resources, and experience to fight against novel coronavirus by utilizing the most advanced technologies including Salesforce cloud based CRM to process the internal workflows and respond to clients quicker and more efficiently. By taking all possible precautionary measures, we are serving our customers uninterruptedly and have made a strong and powerful customer support team to resolve clients issues remotely.

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