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Why You Should Conduct Marketing With Pardot Marketing Automation

Why You Should Conduct Marketing With Pardot Marketing Automation.jpg

Introducing Pardot

Setting up and running a successful business is a huge challenge that has often hindered even those with the greatest of ideas. It takes a lot to overcome this challenge and, even then, you are met with other startup-related hurdles requiring clearance before you can start feeling some level of success. Entrepreneurs and businesses now acknowledge that in this highly competitive age of information technology, the best way to stay ahead  is to automate your business processes. If you are looking for thoughtful, new and convenient ways to boost your marketing and sales, consider the benefits of the Pardot marketing automation platform.

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                                                                            Pardot Marketing

What is Pardot Marketing Automation?

Pardot introduced a new professional B2B marketing automation platform for clients who want to save time and gain back bandwidth from an overtasked workload. The platform combines the selling and marketing tools under one banner, allowing marketers to exceed their lead generation goals while aligning with and empowering their sales teams. Conducting your marketing with Pardot, recovers dramatic amounts of time and effort which can be redirected into more expansion focused activities.

Sample ROI data as reflected in the Marketing Funnel.png

Sample data screen from the Pardot marketing software

Why Pardot?

Pardot has created and consistently delivered on its goal of maximizing marketing efficiency by providing cutting-edge technology for Salesforce users. The features provided by Pardot for businesses include:

  • Custom Email Templates, Landing Pages and Forms
  • Testing in major email clients and internet browsers
  • Custom Integrations with via API
  • On-Site Training Sessions
  • Extended Implementation Programs

 Best practices from Pardot Marketing Social campaigning.jpg

Best practices from Pardot Marketing: Social campaigning

The best part with marketing automation is that users can see results in real time, which equals transparency at every stage of the sales process. There are many high profile businesses that have used the Pardot marketing automation tools and achieved considerable success, forever changing their company for the good.

Encyclopaedia Britannica adopted Pardot and Salesforce in mid-2015 to help with an ongoing campaign of digitalization. Profit margins increased by 8% with year-over-year profits growing twice as fast, to 17% over the same time period.


Why You Should Conduct Marketing With Pardot Marketing Automation

Stanley Black & Decker, a global provider of diversified tools, storage, and security, implemented Pardot to help with their transformation campaign. The company was transitioning from being a single, sales-focused service provider, to becoming a solutions-based provider. By implementing Pardot in their campaign, the company saw an increase in market share, a 30% reduction in sales cycle length in their industrial storage business within one year, and another 25% reduction within two years, and improved lead follow-up by identifying the 34% of qualified leads in their database.

The Bottom Line

If you choose to conduct your marketing with Pardot marketing automation platform you can benefit from personalized customer services and support you will engage your customers on a more personal level and deliver campaigns that are relevant to the needs of target demographics. Pardot marketing automation allows you to generate more leads and quickly pipeline them without spending as much time and energy on the mundane.

The tools used to accelerate marketing from Pardot.jpg

The Pardot tools used to accelerate your marketing 

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