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Using has enabled Asana to provide customer-centric support and product enhancements.

With Desk.Com Asana Can Deliver What Customers Really Want

Salesforce in Startups and Small Businesses

Asana builds software that empowers teams, including those from brands like Uber, Dropbox and Pinterest, to work together to achieve amazing things. Its easy-to-use platform is simple yet powerful enough to organize teams to complete projects efficiently and with excellent outcomes.

Customer focus is important for Asana which recognizes that to differentiate itself in a busy marketplace its customer services team needs to offer exceptional experiences and a product that is built around customer need. To do this they need access to information.

As the company grew,the head of customer support at Asana was concerned that the team might be limited by traditional technologies and was looking for a customer support software to ensure customer focus was maintained.

In its search for the right product Asana found for customer support, which turned out to be exactly what the team was looking for.

The app makes it easy to communicate via email, Web, Twitter and Facebook, all in one place.

This easy to use and flexible tool enables an employee to get up and running within minutes, making it easy to scale for expansion across a team working with customers. customer support software has enabled Asana’s customer support team to deliver outstanding experiences as part of its integrated and streamlined project collaboration product.

Using from Salesforce Asana’s customer support employees are:

  • More efficient, even in times of rapid growth
  • More focused on their customers
  • Able to alter workflow rules quickly in response to volume or business process changes
  • More responsive to customer needs.
With Salesforce Asana has increased transparency into every piece of customer feedback:
  • The customer support team cansee and track all feedback from customers and report on customer issues and trends at company meetings
  • Enhanced insight means they now partner with the product management team to improve existing product features or add new ones

This ability to share information and understand the customer means that Asana can deliver what its customers really want.

Asana's ability to deliver consistent excellence in its customer experiences has improved with

Quick Facts

Asana’s employees are more efficient, customer focused and responsive to customer needs with from Salesforce.

With Salesforce Asana’s customer support team provide customer insight for other parts of the business.

Enhanced insight is fed into the product management process delivering products and improvements that customers want.


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