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With Salesforce, prospective Cochlear customers, past recipients and local clinicians become lifelong brand partners.

Cochlear Connects People With Hearing Loss For A Lifetime Journey Using Salesforce

Salesforce in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Cochlear’s hearing implants enable people with hearing loss to hear again or for the first time. Their advanced hearing devices are used by more than 400,000 people worldwide.

Cochlear’s implant product means that customers become lifetime partners. Cochlear wanted to:

    • Recruit ‘Cochlear Concierges’ - Cochlear recipients with an audiology background, to work for them
    • Connect prospective customers to past recipients to support their decision-making
    • Connect recipients to other people going through the same experiences

With an estimated 360 million people with hearing impairments globally, the company has a large and varied target market and needed:

  • A single system to use across business models
  • To match local clinicians and a global customer base and link these directly to the company

Cochlear chose Salesforce to connect the customer, the medical professional and the company:

  • Cochlear One was built on the Salesforce platform
  • Cochlear developed two websites: and, targeting people who are not yet ready to seek professional help
  • With their permission Cochlear One enables these potential customers to receive personalized advice based on their needs

Through Salesforce Cochlear connects 3,000 volunteers, all previous customers, to share their implant experiences with new potential customers.

Appropriate matches can be made between volunteers and prospects based on demographics or other factors to make them more relevant.

From the first Google hearing implant search through the rest of their hearing journey with the company Salesforce enables:

    • Cochlear to really understand the individual and what they are going through
    • Customers to get the support they need to make such an important and personal purchase decision
    • Interactions with the brand to take place through email, live web chat and phone, especially important for those with hearing loss or new recipients who might need to type talk

Centralized data is making:

    • Conversations between Cochlear reps, surgeons, audiographers and clinicians more strategic
    • Recruitment of Cochlear Concierges easier

Quick Facts

Through Salesforce Cochlear matches 3,000 volunteer Concierges with new potential customers.

Salesforce makes personalized advice and communications via email, live web chat and phone possible.

Centralized data means that conversations between Cochlear reps and local clinicians are more strategic.


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