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ADP’s sales tool gives its salesforce a jump-start on the competition

How Salesforce Helped ADP To Close Sales Faster Than Its Competitors

Salesforce in Financial Services

ADP wanted its sales team to be able to leverage technology to close more sales ahead of the competition.

With more than 600,000 customers and 10,000 staff across 11 business units and multiple territories, central to ADP’s challenge was the need to ensure that employees from different functions including sales, marketing, finance and operations could access up to date customer information and related market intelligence to initiate, build and maintain strong, profitable customer relationships, faster.

The sales environment was characterized by short, high contact connections.

ADP consolidated all its existing customer information into Salesforce:

  • Standardizing processes around managing leads, territories and customer information across divisions
  • Integrating pricing tools and supporting systems

Marketing Cloud, the Salesforce digital marketing platform is used to:

  • Monitor and participate in brand conversations
  • Feed sales leads directly from social into Sales Cloud, Salesforce automation and CRM
  • Connect more than 400 webpages, providing a constant stream of collated intelligence

To keep its sales team on the move a suite of mobile optimized apps (digital sales tools, order management and itinerary planners) was built using Salesforce App Cloud on the Salesforce 1 Mobile App platform.

Cross-divisional records enable employees across sales, marketing, finance and operations to access and build the up to date information and reports they need while developing customer relationships.

Customers today expect you to be aware of their needs and not waste their time. Importantly Salesforce integration has enabled ADP to get to market faster by:

  • Keeping their finger on the pulse of the business across all divisions
  • Monitoring and responding to leads on social media with useful content
  • Quickly distributing consistently branded messages across social media platforms
  • Identifying and qualifying social sales leads
  • Entering these directly into Sales Cloud to maximise sales pipelines
  • Providing its sales team with timely leads and intelligence needed to have a better understanding of customer needs
  • Increasing the speed of sales through its mobile platform
  • Keeping its sales team connected and supplied with everything needed to initiate, demo, develop and close a sale; even when out on the road to maximise every moment

Quick Facts

ADP consolidated its customer information into Salesforce using Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud automation to maximise its sales pipeline.

A suite of mobile optimized apps, built using Salesforce App Cloud on the Salesforce 1 Mobile App platform keeps the sales team connected when on the move.

With Salesforce, ADP increased its speed of sales through its mobile platform.


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