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Custom Salesforce Integration with Call Center System

Custom Salesforce Integration with Call Center System

Cetrix Integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud With Noda Contact Center

By Integrating Salesforce And Noda Contact Center Software, Cetrix Substantially Lowered Customer Service Response Time

A major call center system integrator in Germany required tight integration between Salesforce Sales Cloud and Noda Contact Center system for one of its clients managing a large call center. The two applications have been utilized by the contact center agents as separate tools along each other without any connection for data exchange and real-time interaction.

Considering the fact that response time and quality of service are critical factors in the successful and profitable operation of any call center, the most immediate goal of the owner of the contact center was to provide the customers with faster and more personalized service. Lack of communication between Noda and Salesforce was a major obstacle to reach this goal.


Cetrix worked with the client during a discovery session and documented the findings for further analysis. Cetrix formed a committee comprised of a Salesforce Architect, an enterprise application integration expert, a seasoned salesforce developer, and a web application developer, tasked with analyzing the problem, devising several possible solutions, and recommending the most practical and cost-efficient solution to the client.

The committee’s final recommendation was to develop a custom application integration for bi-directional communication between Noda SoftPhone (a component of Noda Contact Center software system) and Salesforce Sales Cloud. Cetrix based its custom integration on WebSocket protocol and used Salesforce REST API and Noda CTI API to develop it. 

The WebSocket developed by Cetrix enables any of the two applications to initiate the data exchange when an event is triggered in that application. In this case, the incoming call triggers the interaction by Noda SoftPhone, causing Salesforce to search and retrieve data.


The integration project went as scheduled and on budget. The end result satisfied the client requirements. The new integrated system allows the contact center agents to:

  • Manage telephone calls
  • Managing SoftPhone Statuses
  • Manage conferences

When Noda Contact Center software receives a request in the form of a telephone call, an SMS, or an email from a customer, it routes the request to an agent according to its preset rules. The name of the agent is sent to Salesforce through the WebSocket, along with all available customer information (phone number, email address, message text, etc.).

If the client exists in the database, Salesforce will retrieve the data and send to the agent’s workstation, popping up a browser window (or tab) and displaying the customer account page. In case the customer is not in the database, Salesforce will create a new record, append the available information to the record, and pop up the new record page on the agent’s screen in order to complete the customer information.

Another possibility is to have multiple records in the database for the information sent to Salesforce, in which case the agent will be presented with a list of records to select the relevant one.

The Client was more than satisfied with the performance of the integration. It greatly enhanced the customer support, bringing the waiting time to a fraction of what it was before.

Cetrix will be carrying out the second phase of the project soon, which will take this application integration deeper by adding more communication protocols and new features and options on the user interface for the agents to work with.

Quick Facts

The call center agents were using Salesforce and Noda Contact Center software separately, extending response time to customer calls.

Cetrix designed and developed a custom integration solution using WebSockets and the APIs from Salesforce and Noda

Call center agents are now able to retrieve customer information from Salesforce automatically as calls come in much faster.


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