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Application Integration

Learn more about the processes behind Integration of Salesforce with other applications.

Integrated Automation

The Need For Agile Adaptation 

Rapid adaptation to a changing business environment, driven by huge data proliferation, constantly evolving customer needs and expectations, and fierce competition, is the means through which a business can survive and grow. In this information age and digital era, such an agility can only be achieved through a systematic, well-planned and continuous use of relevant technologies, with the goal of reaching efficiency in every aspect of an organization’s operations and activities. How could a business respond to this critical challenge? The concept of ‘Integrated Automation’ is Cetrix’s answer to this question. 

Table Of Contents

  1. Predict User Intent with Machine Learning
  2. Challenges When Introducing an Enterprise Integration Platform
  3. Design Principles of Application Integration Architecture

Integrated Automation: An Emerging Concept

When it comes to the increasing operational and business efficiency of an organization, the two most decisive factors at play here are people and processes. Integration plays a key role in combining and digitalizing business processes for smoother and more proactive operation. Processes need to be reviewed, optimized regularly by the managers in an organization, and ultimately automated.

Automation has a similar impact on the role people play in an organization’s efficient operation. People perform various repetitive tasks which can be automated, relieving valuable human resources (e.g. intelligence, skill, experience, relationships, and other qualities) to concentrate on areas that can only be performed well by human beings.

What Integrated Automation does is turn disparate applications and software systems, and employees with various level and types of skills and experience into a unified and dynamic whole that can quickly adapt to sudden changes that occur outside an organization; and even use those changes as new opportunities for faster growth and leaner operation. We extend integration to all applications in a process and even beyond and turn employees into process workers with the ability to automate their own tasks when and where they need to and allow them take on new challenges, becoming more effective and responsible wherever they work.





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