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Window Slip - Streamlining the Window Ordering Process

Window Slip

Streamlined Window Ordering Process

  • The Challenge – The Window Ordering Process was clunky and labor-intensive.

    Window Slip faced a challenge that cost time and money. Their window ordering process was burdened with inefficiencies and laborious tasks. With countless variations and customizations available, generating accurate quotes, confirming sales, and placing orders for materials became a time-consuming nightmare.

    The process was as clunky as it gets. Orders had to be manually processed, quotes painstakingly created, and sales and fulfillment were sluggish at best. Customers would eagerly await their quotes, only to be disappointed by the delays caused by the complex and slow process. The company's overhead costs soared as employees spent countless hours manually handling the orders, often prone to errors and mistakes. Expensive blunders occurred, resulting from the manual entry of critical data.

  • The Solution – Streamline the process with Automation:

    Recognizing the urgent need for change, the team at Window Slip embarked on a mission to revolutionize their window ordering process. They set out to streamline and automate the entire journey from lead to quote to sales order to purchase order.

    With an unwavering determination, they created an online form on their website, empowering customers to customize their windows effortlessly. Customers could select the perfect dimensions, trim, glass options, and more, all with a few clicks. Once the form was submitted, the magic happened.

    CETDIGIT implemented a sophisticated automation system that transformed the ordering experience. Quotes were now generated automatically, swiftly delivered to customers via email. Not stopping there, a seamless link was provided, allowing customers to place their orders online with ease. The once clunky sales order process was now simplified and accelerated, thanks to the power of automation.

    But it didn't stop at sales orders. The system was intelligent enough to draft and send purchase orders directly to the suppliers as soon as the sales order was completed. Suppliers received accurate and timely requests, eliminating the need for manual communication and minimizing delays and errors.

  • The result - A Highly automated process that streamlines the process of ordering custom windows:

    The impact of the automation efforts at Window Slip was nothing short of remarkable. What once was a labor-intensive ordeal had transformed into a highly automated process that dazzled both customers and employees alike.

    Overhead costs drastically reduced as the manual burden was lifted. Mistakes and errors became a thing of the past, with accuracy reigning supreme in every quote and order. The time to fulfill orders was significantly reduced, leaving customers delighted with the swift and efficient service they received.

    Customer satisfaction soared to new heights. The convenience of the online form, coupled with automatic quotes and easy order placement, left customers with a smile on their faces. Word spread quickly, attracting more customers seeking the hassle-free experience Window Slip had become renowned for.

    With their streamlined process and increased efficiency, Window Slip stood tall among its competitors. The company's ability to handle a larger volume of orders soared, opening doors to new business opportunities and fueling growth.

    In the end, Window Slip's journey from a clunky and labor-intensive process to a streamlined and automated operation was a successful. They embraced technology to empower their customers, reduce overhead costs, and achieve new levels of customer satisfaction and business success.

Quick Facts

Cetrix Assisted in streamlining the ordering process of custom windows.
Before Cetrix's integration, Window Slip's online ordering process was clunky, slow, and labor-intensive.
There are thousands of combinations of window sizes, trims, glass types, etc when ordering windows.
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