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Live Nation - Streamlining Ticket Memberships with Salesforce

Live Nation Entertainment

Optimizing Ticket Membership Management with Salesforce

Contracting Ticket Memberships is Difficult to do Online

Live Nation, a prominent player in the entertainment industry, faced a significant challenge regarding their membership sign-up process. The existing method was complex, time-consuming, and relied heavily on manual efforts, resulting in a cumbersome experience for both Live Nation and their customers.

With an increasing demand for memberships, Live Nation needed a solution that would automate and streamline the sign-up process, making it more efficient, user-friendly, and scalable.

Integrate Salesforce, Docusign, and Stripe

To tackle Live Nation's complex challenge, CETDIGIT devised a comprehensive solution that leveraged the capabilities of Salesforce, DocuSign, and Stripe.

The first step in the solution was the integration between Salesforce and DocuSign. CETDIGIT worked closely with Live Nation to configure a seamless connection between the two platforms. This integration allowed for the automatic generation and transfer of membership contracts from Salesforce to DocuSign. When a customer expressed interest in a membership, Salesforce would automatically create a pre-populated DocuSign contract tailored to their chosen membership package.

With the contract ready, it was then sent electronically to the customer for review and signing. DocuSign's user-friendly interface made it easy for customers to access the document and provide their electronic signatures. Additionally, DocuSign allowed customers to input their relevant information, such as contact details and preferences, directly within the contract, further streamlining the process.

Once the customer electronically signed the contract, the system seamlessly triggered an integration with Stripe. CETDIGIT configured the integration between DocuSign and Stripe, enabling the automation of monthly subscription charges. Stripe, a leading payment processing platform, securely processed the payments on a recurring basis, charging the customers' designated payment method.

Once the customized DocuSign contract was ready, it was automatically sent to the customer for review and signing. With the convenience of electronic signatures, customers could easily sign the document online, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, or mailing physical copies. Moreover, DocuSign allowed customers to provide their relevant information and payment details directly within the document, streamlining the entire process.

Upon signing the contract, the system seamlessly triggered an integration with Stripe, a popular payment processing platform. This integration enabled Live Nation to set up monthly subscription charges for their customers' chosen membership packages. Stripe automatically processed the payments, charging the customers' designated payment method on a recurring basis.

The implementation of this automated solution transformed the membership sign-up process for Live Nation. What was once a complex and manual procedure became a highly efficient and digitized experience. Customers no longer had to deal with paper contracts, lengthy mailing processes, or manual payment transactions. Instead, they enjoyed a fast and convenient buying experience, all while optimizing the operational efficiency of Live Nation.

By integrating Salesforce, DocuSign, and Stripe, CETDIGIT successfully optimized the membership sign-up process for Live Nation, eliminating the need for paper documentation and providing a seamless, digitized experience for customers. With this innovative solution in place, Live Nation was able to attract more customers, increase their operational efficiency, and deliver an enhanced buying experience in the competitive world of concert venues, sports teams, and events.

Quick Facts

Live Nation runs Ticketmaster, Roc Nation, and House of Blues

Live Nation is one of the world’s largest ticket sales platforms

Live Nation Operates in 40 countries

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