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Penrose Team leveraged Salesforce for a unique competitive edge

Penrose Team

The Penrose Team wished to replace their existing CRM package which they were using for their Real Estate business. They required a system which would improve their information organization and provide them with the ability to identify key deal-closing information from it. They foresaw that this ability would give them a business advantage over their competitors. They also wished for the system to be mobile-friendly enabling their staff to be able to work in an unrestricted manner when out in the field. The Penrose Team recognized that they needed bespoke data entry forms, custom fields, and powerful reporting functionality for the system to be a success. They also had a number of more generic requirements such as it should be able to record history of phone calls, emails, and meetings. In this way, all employees could be kept up-to-speed with all clients.

The Salesforce system we provided for the Penrose Team was much more configurable than their existing one. It enabled them to be more flexible in the data they collected from their clients. Because it was cloud-based, it would also grow with their business and in it, they saw a package which would meet their needs for the foreseeable future.

Their key requirements included:

  • Customizable data fields and data entry forms to capture unique client data.
  • Powerful reporting facilities.
  • Record filtering and querying ability.
  • Highly detailed customer data-entry record fields
  • Automated recording of all phone calls, emails, and meetings linked to individual client records.
  • Mobility and immediate access to live information.

The Penrose Team envisaged that their CRM system should give them a  business advantage through the use of the information they could manipulate through it. They wanted to be able to identify and use the vital information which could be the difference that seals a deal. They found that Salesforce was a very mobile-capable solution and were impressed with the Salesforce1 App which allowed total access to their data whilst out on site. They had not realized the benefits this would bring to their business as it allowed the sales team to react to clients immediately; they reported that it has saved numerous deals so far! They felt that customer satisfaction was higher as engagements where more forthcoming and personalized. The ability to record unique information about a customer and access it during a phone call made the customers feel that they were important individuals. Employees were able to use unique information, for example client hobbies and wine choices, which had been gathered earlier, and revisit them in conversations. This all added towards a much improved client interaction. The reporting facilities allowed the organisation to match client's data to Real Estate data and highlight any links. This produced client matches which would have gone unnoticed had Salesforce's facilities not enabled them to do so. Undoubtedly, they felt that this ability gave them a distinct advantage over competitors.

Quick Facts

The team were impressed with the Salesforce1 App which allowed total access to their data whilst out on site

Salesforce meant customer satisfaction was higher and engagements where more forthcoming and personalized.

The reporting facilities allowed the organisation to match links between client's data and Real Estate data.


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