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Laser Training Institute Gains Unique Edge with Salesforce

Laser Training Institute

The LTI Were Able To Identify Existing Customers Who Might Be Potential Clients For Their Latest Course.

"By being able to gather more, higher-quality, and unique data over a longer period, we are able to pre-empt our customers' future needs."

The Laser Training Institute envisioned a replacement system which would enable them to create and track relationships with clients and create a history of associated events. The organization already had an existing CRM system in place but found that as the number of courses they provided increased, the package became less useful. In essence, it was not scaleable enough for them. The Laser Training Institute wished to be able to store and monitor all activities regarding any given client, regardless of which member if their team was involved. They believed that by building strong, fruitful relationships with their clients, that they would gain long-term benefits in recurring revenue through increasing their customer lifetime value. By creating a history of phone calls, emails, meetings and support cases, they hoped that all members of their organization would be kept 'in the loop' and thus stay ahead with the standard of their customer service experience.

By using Salesforce, we helped The Laser Training Institute implement a CRM package which will meet their needs both now and in the future. The key areas of their requirements were:

  • A highly detailed customer record which would readily accept additional new fields as and when required.
  • The ability to filter customers using these unique fields in order to identify trends and new business.
  • Customer interactions should be tracked automatically and be displayed on one central dashboard for total visibility.
  • The system should effortlessly record a history of phone calls, emails, meetings and support cases. This data should be available to be imported into reports easily.
  • The ability to link unlimited courses to a client's record and to provide historic and predictive course data.
  • An inclusive system where users should, where granted, be able to access all customer information.

One of the key aims for The Laser Training Institute was to be able to track a customer's historic data over an unlimited period of time. Although their previous CRM had allowed recording of phone calls, emails, meetings and support cases, they found that Salesforce dashboard displayed these in a much more practical way. They found that they could use the Case facility in Salesforce to represent individual training courses. This meant that courses could be linked to customers, and customers to courses. This facilitated The Laser Training Institute by being able to represent every course that they offered within the system in a trackable manner. The result of this was that they were able to identify those customer who would potentially be interested in the latest courses as and when they were added. The Laser Training Institute also found that by using Salesforce's field system, an almost unlimited quantity of new fields could be added to their system to accommodate the unique data fields that they required. This would also satisfy any future requirements they may have. They also noted that as the system was distributed over the web, it meant that their staff could access their data from any location which was a great facility to have when they were in external meetings.

Quick Facts

LTI found that they could use the Salesforce’s Case facility to represent individual training courses which could be linked to individual customers.

Salesforce allowed LTI to record unique data fields to satisfy any future requirements.

They were impressed that staff could access their data from any location.


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