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Artist and Brand credit Salesforce for deep client insights

Artist and Brand Management

Through Salesforce, A&B Achieved Higher Customer Satisfaction And Better Quality Interaction.

“We can work effectively from any location because now we have the power of information at our fingertips.”

As Artist and Brand's success developed, the organisation found that they were struggling to find a way of effectively representing their client's profiles. In a highly fluid and dynamic business environment, they found themselves lacking the tools needed to work ‘on the move’. The organisation sought a vehicle which would give them reliable and remote access to their customer data no matter where and when. They also identified the requirement for leverage on their data to truly understand their client's needs, and a facility to provide reliable and live storage of that data.

Artist and Brand's list of requirements were quite extensive; they certainly knew what they wanted! Using Salesforce, we could distil their requirements down into a single sentence: Integrated, collaborative, reliable, informative and mobile data. The following are a list of Artist and Brand's main requirements:

  • Centralised location for the storing of all of their customer information. Security and persistence was expected as a standard.
  • A mobile App which would support their out-of-the-office working style; to enable them to work on the move.
  • Information to be on-hand, 24/7, in real time.
  • Integration with their existing email and documents.
  • Data-driven insights into their client's profiles enabling them to make projections about the next steps for their clients.
  • Client-case progress tracking and reporting.

After only a few months of using their new Salesforce implementation, Artist and Brand were already able to identify tangible improvements in a number of their business areas:

  • A better understanding of their clients. The additional data allowed them to see where they had been and suggest where they might be going.
  • An almost total reduction in lost or incomplete customer enquiries. Because of the mobile App, all enquiries were being answered in a timely and informed manner.
  • A homogenous strategy for client contact. This was through the use of their bespoke data-collection templates which formed a key aspect to their new work-flow ethic.
  • An increase in productivity whilst away from the desk. Higher quality work-time was achievable because of the App which allowed informed, collaborative and live remote-working.
  • Higher customer satisfaction and better quality interaction because of the availability of live information. This also facilitated improved knowledge-sharing between employees.
  • Not having to worry about the safety of their data – they knew that they could trust Salesforce to treat their data with integrity and care. They no longer needed to worry about back-ups either.

Artist and Brand feel that through the use of Salesforce, they have gained a unique understanding of their client's needs. They feel that they can now work effectively from any location because of the facilities it has given them.

Quick Facts

Through Salesforce1, all A&Bs enquiries were being answered in a timely and informed manner.

A&Bs bespoke data-collection templates formed a key aspect to their new work-flow ethic.

Through their use of Salesforce, A&B have gained a unique understanding of their clients’ needs.


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