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Anonos Gains Valuable Audience Insights for Future Marketing

Anonos Big Privacy Unlocks Data

HubSpot Empowered Anonos To Increase Their Lead Generation Very Quickly.

"Our webinars were quickly producing new, relevant leads."

Anonos was a tech start-up who use technology to maximize the business value of data whilst at the same time, dramatically increasing privacy, security and anonymity. Embracing GDPR data safe haven requirements, Anonos provides the technology to manipulate data by secure and non-identifying methods for analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and digital transformation. Anonos needed a from-scratch, rapid, soft-launch program before their first webinar went live in just two weeks. Their requirements were:

  • Rapid soft-launch for their business including:
  • A limited two-week timescale.
  • Webinar promotion aiming for 200+ registrants through multi-channel marketing.
  • Integrated CMS platform providing analysis and assessment ability.

Through the implementation of a HubSpot platform, we were able to give Anonos a strategy which would deliver a quick-to-market launch.

With our assistance, Anonos were able to:

  • Deliver regular blog posts promoting the upcoming webinar, and containing niche-related content.
  • Run multi-channel promotions with a focus on frequent, short, and high impact messages on LinkedIn and other social media channels.
  • Create relevant, engaging and attention-grabbing landing pages to support marketing messages and yield timely leads.

Anonos were overwhelmed by the response they got from the company launch. Going from a company start-up level with no web presence, we provided a solution which would enable them to hit the ground running. All this with only a two-week lead.

With our expertise, Anonos were able to:

Successfully launch their business within two weeks including:

  • Achieving extraordinary success with their launch seminar, signing up over 500 registrants, more than double their target.
  • Establishing a corporate web presence rapidly through the creation of a website.
  • Promoting their webinar and brand through social media channels such as PPC on LinkedIn.
  • Develop their business marketing profile, lead management and nurturing strategies using analysis data from HubSpot.

Anonos felt that HubSpot had given them the ability to accomplish an outstanding business launch within a very limited time period.

Quick Facts

"We now have the tools to develop our organization in a number of key areas."

Anonos experienced improved lead conversion rates by over 400%

We have an understanding of our target audience which we can use in future marketing.


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