Salesforce has given 7 Mindsets the Capacity to Grow.

The Challenge
The Solution
The Result

Due to continued success and growth, 7 Mindsets realised that their existing marketing solution would soon be over-exposed as it lacked scaleability. If the Georgia based, Social and Emotional Learning specialists were to continue their growth capability, they would need to find a new solution to deliver their learning message.

To support their continued expansion, 7 Mindsets needed to bring together improved data access, greater flexibility, scaleability and efficiency to its customer activities. They identified the need for a unified employee portal accessible over any platform including mobile and remote access. They needed a system which would provide them with the ultimate customer management experience and be flexible enough to remain so.

With our help, 7 Mindsets were able visualize a Salesforce solution which should include the following elements:

  • Customer contact work-flows together with bespoke forms for data entry.
  • Cloud storage and automated back-up for their data.
  • A more unified system which could be utilised by all employees regardless of their physical location. The system should be scaleable for any future demands.
  • Real-time reporting and understandable data analytics.
  • Customizable portal with a streamlined dashboard and menu system tailored to each individual user's access level.
  • The ability to track Customers on their journey with the organisation.

7 Mindsets have implemented a web-based Salesforce system which has allowed them to improve access, control and the quality of customer data and interaction. They are now able to allocate leads and prospects to specific departments and/or sales people through a defined work-flow process. This means that employees within the organisation have clearly defined roles and expectations within that flow. The customizational facilities within Salesforce have allowed 7 Mindsets to be able to categorize prospects and prioritize them accordingly. In turn, this has led to improvements in lead-closing and an improved and more personalized customer experience. Using Salesforce's real-time data analytics has allowed 7 Mindsets to be able identify and track those marketing strategies which are more successful. The have also seen the benefits of the enhanced security which the system provides and the secure storage of their data. By following a more centralized, digital, and integrated approach to their customer experience, 7 Mindsets have positively transformed how the various departments in their organisation collaborate. This has had a positive effect on all departments; employee can now share information with one another more easily and customer contact is more fluid and dynamic. Knowledge sharing has improved work-flow, quality of data, and the customer interaction experience. Although this is only the first step of their organisation transformation, Salesforce has given 7 Mindsets the ability to expand, adapt and collaborate in the journey ahead.



7 Mindsets have positively transformed how the various departments in their organization collaborate.

Using Salesforce's real-time data analytics, 7 Mindsets have been able identify and track those marketing strategies which are most successful.
Salesforce has given 7 Mindsets the ability to expand, adapt and collaborate.

Take the next step into the future

With the help of new possibilities in the digital age, especially through automation processes in combination with Artificial Intelligence  there are three main advantages that can be used to increase sales:

  • Faster production processes
  • Fewer errors
  • Better usability of machines

Your employees, customers and not least your company will benefit from these results.

Together with our partners, we have many solutions for process automation. We will help you start into the digital age. So take your chance.