Marketing Automation Improves the ROI for Museums

Stewart Balanchine - Oct 31, 2018 9:29:03 AM

As the cultural and education markets grow more competitive, museums must take advantage of everything they can get out of their marketing automation platform. Fortunately, a good marketing automation suite will pay for itself.


The benefits you receive from an optimized platform will help you increase your ticket sales and donations. They will also put you on the road to becoming a world-class museum with a world-renown global presence.

With the right automation platform, your sales and public relations teams will create implement, and manage effective profile-based campaigns on prospective leads and markets, all from one central platform.

This centralization is also the key to the success of integrated automation systems. It is how your institution makes more meaningful, emotional, and long-standing relationships with your audience, local governments, and the public at large. In the end, your museum will establish more deals and see more repeat and even higher sales and donations.

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The Ways Automation Optimizes Your ROI

Marketing automation increases your ROI through the interchanges between the right marketing technologies. These technologies will improve the overall value of your collections and exhibitions, increasing your audience conversion rate in the process. You will get a better-prioritized list of potential donors, increase customer experience and satisfaction, and build repeat ticket sales and donations. Because of these benefits, marketing automation is considered the starting point for any organization trying to elevate partners and markets so they can expand their operations globally.


Some of the way a good automation platform increases ROI include:

  • Create powerful website pages that showcase your museum and exhibitions while capturing the contact information from potential donors
  • Specialized communication templates for promoting content to your existing and future audiences
  • Schedule social media updates to more effectively promote exhibitions, programs, and events.
  • Prioritized your contact based on your most important criteria
  • Track your engagements and combination with your audience
  • Improve your email and social media workflows including marketing campaigns
  • Provide the highest support possible to your donor and public relations teams
  • Create powerful, multi-faceted campaigns and exhibitions
  • Trigger campaign events based on your CRM data
  • Full exhibition, program, and campaign testing to gain a better understanding of the overall experience of your audience

Through it all, you get a robust solution for your branding and demographics issues, a solution that many for-profit organizations have already tested and improved over the past decade. While you may have to adjust certain aspects to tune them more in line with your needs and requirements, these tools can help your museum become a world-class innovator and curator of culture and education.


You may even see your donations increase just by using these tools as well. Your sponsors want you to use their money to further your preservation and education goals. With a quality marketing automation suite, you can easily show them how your institution can reach those goals and expand to a new one as needed. This will make them feel that sponsoring you was worth it, leading them to want to donate more and more often.

Best Processes to Automate

Digital marketing is more than just having a blog and posting about upcoming events on Facebook and other social media sites. It is a complete package. However, your museums rarely have the resources to automate everything. Therefore, you must decide which systems to prioritize.

While you should strive to automate as much as you can, your museum will get more out of automating some processes over others. These “must automate” processes will vary from museum to museum, but here are a few processes enterprises tend to prioritize. You should automate any of these tasks if your institution tends to run into them often.

  • Content delivery scheduling tools. So, you can present the right content at the right time.
  • Audience-specific content access controls. So, you can present the most relevant content to your patrons to foster repeat visits and higher donations. This content could be about your exhibits, artifacts, services, locations, and persona.
  • Communication channels between audience and your sales team members for streamlined ticket and gift shop sales.
  • Business specific slide presentations for donor, partner, and group sales meetings and communications
  • Ticket sales and donation tracking systems for more efficient tracking of buying and donation histories, past communications, referral sources, and social media feed.

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As you plan your digital marketing automation strategy, you may find other tedious and time-consuming tasks. If you have the resources, you can automate these processes as well, ensuring that your museum is always able to take advantage of everything the technology has to offer.

You should never feel that you must automate everything either. If you feel that your organization is not ready to automate a certain process, you can put off the integration for later when automation becomes more viable.

Regardless of your plan, your digital marketing automation platform will serve as the foundation for your global branding and communication. Once you start automating processes, you will begin seeing the benefits almost immediately.

While it may take some time before people start talking about your museum, you will find that you would have a much better grasp of what your audience wants and does while browsing your displays. You will also notice that you may have an improved relationship with your donors, and that is before you start processing data to find new prospective fundraising opportunities. You will then be able to assess the performance of these campaigns and gain the insight you need to make improvements for when the next opportunity for your museum comes along.

Through it all, your museum will start marketing like a professional marketing firm with years of experience. Sure, it might not happen overnight, but reaping the benefits of automating your business, donor, and public relations processes is easier than you may think. Typically, your greatest challenge is the time you need to find your best options available. With the right automation suite, your museum will save money, increase your audience, discover new channels for outreach, and the higher returns on all your investments and campaigns. In time, your museum will stand as a world-class cultural intuition, and a leader in your field.

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All these benefits will require some upfront investment, but a good, reliable marketing automation platform pays for itself quickly. In today’s high-stakes, high-speed entertainment and culture market, your automation system will prove its worth through increases in both performance and donations while it maximizes the returns on your investment. You may even find new investment opportunities that would expand your collection and your global presence around the world.

We Can Help You Integrate Automation with Your Current Network

We take pride as experts in business automation, and we are here to help your museum reach its goals. We will help you evaluate your situation to develop an effective and efficient automation solution for your museum that offers everything you need to improve your brand and increase the returns of every investment your instruction makes. We understand that a CRM alone will not get you where you want to go because a CRM only exists to draw in individual B2B leads.

Therefore, we will also provide you with everything you need for a successful implementation, including support, integration testing and planning, and the ongoing consultation to ensure your solution can handle any unforeseen future complication. We will work with you to ensure that everything will work right the first time without compromising your values, collections, or current relationships.

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With a quality marketing automation platform, you can run campaigns and provide stronger leads to your donor, sales, and public relations teams. Your museum will create new opportunities to effectively promote your collection and efforts to attract larger audiences through your doors.

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Stewart Balanchine

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