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5 Step Guide to Planning and Delivering Salesforce Demos

Planning and Delivering Salesforce

A final objective of any Salesforce expert is to get clients inspired, motivated, and engaged with the latest innovation at each phase of the journey. An essential part of this process is to create a custom-fit demo so your targeted audience can visualize how the solution can assist them with accomplishing their professional objectives. Delivering an incredible demo is a vital skill to prevail upon your audience, either you are conveying a demonstration during a job consultation or during your business examination and investigations.
Demonstration is considered as a vital element to grab an attention of your targeted crowd. One of the fundamental topics we focus around as a CEO consultancy, and a lead mentor on the Supremum’s Consultancy skills programme is efficiently selling an answer/solution to your clients. In this article, we have discussed several significant tips on how to make, or get ready to present an incredible demo.
The Purpose of a Solution Demo
As I stated in an introductory section, creating a custom-fit demo is a necessary element of the process to grab an attention of your targeted audience and helps them visualize how the solution can assist them with accomplishing their professional objectives. Here, we focused on more significant points of this procedure that why demos are important.
• Demos offer you the lucky chance to manifest Salesforce to your audience, which they have never seen before.
• Demo is the best way to display and express the variety of features that are accessible to meet the needs, and requirements of your client and also to know the conceivable outcomes.
• Illustrate all the possibilities to your client; often they don’t know what they need until you show them.
• Demonstration permits you to sell in the profits that will resolve their pain points.

Demonstration Scenarios
You’ll likely be approached to demo in at least one of the following situations:
• Business impact analysis.
• Guidance or discipline sessions.
• Solution sales.
• Consultation interviews.
               Five Stages Guide

Five Stages Guide for Preparing a Salesforce Demo

1. Engage customers based on their learning style
Generally, people have a primary and secondary learning style:

• Active: They are interested to feel the movement or functionality of how something works. In what manner will it meet their requirements?
• Visual: These kinds of people are interested in visualizing that how something looks. What it resembles and how it supports their desires and needs.
• Sound-Digital: These people generally used to of acquiring details and details knowledge of the arrangements and service provider. It includes knowledge about the scale of Salesforce, evidence of ROI, etc. inside your demo to back up your story.
• Audio: These people are concerned to hear comparable stories to their own. Refer them to analogous case studies to back up your script.

2. Preparation Work (Before you begin)
• To stimulate their pain points and advance level practical needs, take an interest in a discovery exercise so, you can tailor the demonstration.
• Before delivering a demo, it is necessary to prepare and customize your demo script.
• Thoroughly practice your demo before you take to your targeted audience.
• If you are not certain with communication skills, join a communication skill course in this situation.

3. Building a Salesforce demo
Include information that gives modified touches to the customer, for example records or items related to their story.
Maintain records and information to tell the client story.
Exclude all those fields or content that is irrelevant for demo.
Make a customized application with their organization trademark i.e. logo
Display records with exact and precise data and relevant records.
Display dashboards with such information that shows positive growth towards ROI aims and objectives using Salesforce.

4. Set up your demo script
Classify the pain points for the executives, senior management and Front Line Team.
Recognize the useful prerequisites that could help solve these pain points.
Proposed solution to these pain points should be mapped out so that you know what to deliver.
Identify distinctive roles and make a customized walkthrough of the arrangement to line up with diverse individuals of your audience.

5. Demo Run Through
• Prepare a visual presentation and have tabs open in your browser to accelerate the demo where relevant.
• Clarify Salesforce terminology.
• Demo the procedure to change records and how that will refresh dashboard grids.
• Must show how you can make/insert/adjust records effortlessly e.g. adding tasks.
• To advance your story, navigate from records/list views into records.
• Display dashboards to request Exec level.

Conveying an incredible demo is considered as one the primary element of being a prosperous Salesforce consultant, to complement business impact examination, managing projects and technical abilities. To help professional development and turn out Salesforce solutions, it’s necessary to construct a wide variety of skills. A strong and powerful demonstration can help individual to grow and successful. Demo is one of the key element to achieve success and an individual’s goal fulfillment.

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