Northern Trust builds a Partner Workstation with Salesforce to provide clients with service excellence.

The Challenge
The Solution
The Result

Established in 1889, Northern Trust is one of the world’s largest money managers, managing a trillion dollars in assets and 16,500 employee partners across 84 cities.

Its success lies in leading change while maintaining a client experience rooted in service, expertise and integrity.

The ability to understand and respond to evolving client needs has earned Northern Trust accolades including Fortune’s “One of the World’s Most Admired Companies”.

Increasingly, Northern Trust found that its partners were having to work with processes that were not sufficiently integrated, creating increased friction between sales and servicing partners.

It needed better technology to make it easier for its partner teams to exchange knowledge and collaborate to meet client goals.

The development of a seamless service delivery environment was a top priority.

After an exhaustive search, Northern Trust chose Salesforce, based on its broad capabilities, as the basis to develop a Partner Workstation with a pilot program involving 400 staff in its Wealth Management business unit. Help was provided through Community Cloud, nicknamed‘Smart Bar’.

The Partner Workstation is a single platform from which partners can service clients. Partners use:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud

All are accessible via the Salesforce 1 Mobile App and integrated with existing databases.

Northern Trust found Salesforce to be a good fit as a partner because of a shared commitment to innovation and continuous improvement.

The human-centered design meant that users became more enthusiastic the more they used it.

Despite establishing a hotline for support during rollout not a single call was received, the partners preferring to get help through Smart Bar.

The Partner Workstation has smoothly transitioned into use across the Wealth Management business.

With Salesforce Northern Trust partners can leverage customer relationships through:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Advanced workflows
  • Access to business analytics

This meant it could continue to differentiate itself on the delivery of service excellence to its clients.

Northern Trust plans to build on its Partner Workstation to deepen Service Cloud use within the organization.

It plans to empower its service agents to benefit sales teams by streamlining processes and workflows.


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Northern Trust partners use Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Community Cloud on its single integrated platform accessible via the Salesforce 1 Mobile App.

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During roll-out, help was provided through Community Cloud, nicknamed ‘Smart Bar’ which proved so effective that no calls were made to the support hotline.

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The Partner Workstation has improved knowledge sharing, advanced workflows and provides access to business analytics.

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Take the next step into the future

With the help of new possibilities in the digital age, especially through automation processes in combination with Artificial Intelligence  there are three main advantages that can be used to increase sales:

  • Faster production processes
  • Fewer errors
  • Better usability of machines

Your employees, customers and not least your company will benefit from these results.

Together with our partners, we have many solutions for process automation. We will help you start into the digital age. So take your chance.