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HubSpot empowered ProcTest to become a front-runner in their field within two weeks of launch.

HubSpot Helped Fast-Track ProcTest's Start-Up Beyond All Projections

"We quickly established a core of beta users who cultivated our confidence from an early stage."

When ProcTest came to us, they were a start-up organization who needed support for their business soft-launch. They had a limited timescale of only weeks; much less than what would normally be required for such a launch. They needed a platform which would enable them to rapidly validate their SaaS product soft-launch by acquiring beta users even before their webpage was live.

ProcTest identified that the system should enable:

  • Fast-track start-up marketing assessment, advice and models. This should support sales enablement through process design and implementation, lead conversion and pipeline management.
  • Rapid beta-user acquisition through mechanisms such as PPC and marketing automation. Continued lead acquisition through marketing automation such as PPC and B2B marketing.
  • An active landing page prior to their website going live.
  • An independent blog facilitating content management and delivery.
  • A Content Optimization System.

ProcTest's primary aim was to soft-launch their SaaS business and develop their marketing pipeline management and brand awareness within a short time-frame. To do this, they needed a platform which would support their lead management and conversion process design even before their website was available.

HubSpot enabled ProcTest to achieve this in the following ways:

  • Quickly implement an outstanding and dynamic landing page using HubSpot's drag and drop interface.
  • Publish and manage an independent blog presence through HubSpot's blogging platform. They could rapidly create quality SEO'd content directed at the right people at the right time.
  • Create automated, systematic and targeted campaigns based on inbound marketing leads.
  • Increase lead acquisition and conversion by automating scheduled blogs, promotions, emails, and social media all within the same tool. Be able to monitor client interactions.
  • Use HubSpot's marketing pipeline management tools to develop and learn business acumen.

ProcTest considered their rapid SaaS product soft-launch to be an 'amazing experience'. Despite being a start-up, they felt confident that HubSpot was their ideal platform to support it. They said that its integrated toolset supported them from the outset and that without it, their launch would have experienced a substantial delay. They have been able to use many of HubSpot's tools and features to accelerate their start-up and it has been instrumental in:

  • Fast-tracking their start-up beyond all projections.
  • Quickly establishing a core of beta users who cultivated their confidence from an early stage.
  • Securing an almost-immediate brand and social-media presence within their market.
  • Facilitating the creation of timely, targeted marketing campaigns, and social media and content creation.
  • Helped develop a full-stack pipeline management work-flow.


As for their business, HubSpot has helped them:

  • Gain over 15,000 new contacts – a large proportion of their market.
  • Gain more, and more-appropriate website traffic.
  • Establish their organization as a front-runner in their field.

HubSpot and ProcTest seem to have developed the perfect relationship!

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"HubSpot's many tools and features have been essential in accelerating our SaaS product launch.

After their first demonstration, ProcTest knew that HubSpot was the product for them.

"We secured an almost-immediate brand and social-media presence within our market."

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