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Supportbench transform business by an increase in leads of over 500%

Support Bench

A Deeper Understanding Of Their Clients Has Enabled Start-Up Supportbench To Exceed Their Growth Expectations

"We are delighted with HubSpot; it has completely changed the way we do business!"

Supportbench came to us as a fledgling company who needed to launch as rapidly and cost-effectively as possible. They required a platform which would support and drive their inbound marketing methodology from the outset. They identified their needs as:

  • Support for their brand and product through an all-in-one platform which would act as both a knowledge base and their catalyst for inbound marketing.
  • Rapidly establish and educate their client base through the creation of methodical and precise targeted campaigns.
  • A scaleable model which enabled them to get access to exceptional marketing and sales platform at a low price.
  • Business support which would allow them to gain insights into inbound marketing strategies.

Supportbench required a new system which would facilitate in rapidly delivering a brand presence, establishing a client base, and providing the tools to create targeted and educational marketing.

Supportbench was keen to take advantage of all of HubSpot's facilities from the outset, and they found it quick to learn and intuitive to use. They said that HubSpot's support team were invaluable in getting them off to a flying start. Through HubSpot, they were able to:

  • Quickly create brand awareness through blogging using the HubSpot's BlogApp on relevant topics.
  • Implement an outstanding landing page to convert blog traffic into leads.
  • Use HubSpot's built-in segmentation tools to create targeted emails from their client base.
  • Using HubSpot Analytics, the team could identify what worked well and where improvements could be made to campaigns.
  • Scale their system to their growth.
  • Develop their own in-house skills using HubSpot's tools and educational support.

Using HubSpot, Supportbench had the ability to create, develop, grow and learn alongside their business.

Supportbench had exceeded their long-term expectations within the first few months of using HubSpot. It has helped them fast-track their growth beyond expectations; within the first year they experienced:

  • Website traffic increase by over 300%
  • Increased leads by almost 500%

 Open to new ideas, but new to inbound marketing strategies, Supportbench embraced the business model and admitted that it would not have been possible but for HubSpot's centralized all-in-one design which has:

  • Facilitated and supported them in delivering their brand and strategy effectively and rapidly.
  • Enabled them to automate, personalize, and gain invaluable insight into their target market.
  • Allowed them to keep up-scaling marketing activities in-line with their growth.

Quick Facts

HubSpot has helped Supportbench fast-track their growth beyond expectations

Our team could identify what worked well and where improvements could be made to campaign

HubSpot's support team were invaluable in getting them us to a flying star


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