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Integrating HubSpot with SharePoint for HIPAA-Compliant Data Management

HubSpot-SharePoint Integration by CETDIGIT

CETDIGIT seamlessly integrated our HubSpot with SharePoint, maintaining full HIPAA compliance.

CETRIX innovatively enabled access to our secure SharePoint data via HubSpot without storing any data on HubSpot itself, succeeding where other partners fell short.

Concierge Wealth Management & Insurance Solutions (CWMSD) faced the challenge of utilizing HubSpot's powerful marketing and sales tools while ensuring the secure storage of sensitive client information in a HIPAA-compliant platform. With an existing SharePoint infrastructure for HIPAA compliance, CWMSD sought a solution to display client information from SharePoint within HubSpot without compromising data security.

To address this unique requirement, CETDIGIT proposed a custom integration that seamlessly integrated HubSpot and SharePoint, providing the following solution:

  1. SharePoint Data Storage: A dedicated list was created in SharePoint exclusively for storing sensitive client information. Each client's data, along with any related documents, were securely stored within this SharePoint list.
  2. Custom Integration Development: CETDIGIT developed a custom integration within HubSpot, enabling users to access the "SharePoint" tab within each contact's page. This integration allowed users to view the details of the client's information stored in SharePoint, ensuring a seamless and secure data retrieval process.
  3. Document Linking: The solution included a feature that listed all the attached files related to each client, providing convenient links to open each file directly within the SharePoint environment.

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The implemented solution provided CWMSD with an innovative approach to overcome their data management challenges. Moreover, this integration has opened doors for other organizations facing similar obstacles, enabling them to leverage HubSpot's powerful sales and marketing features while complying with HIPAA regulations.

By seamlessly integrating HubSpot with SharePoint, CETDIGIT not only addressed CWMSD's specific requirements but also offered a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations in regulated industries to maximize the benefits of HubSpot's robust capabilities.

Overall, this successful integration serves as a testament to CETDIGIT's expertise in custom integrations and their commitment to delivering tailored solutions that meet unique business needs in the face of regulatory challenges.

Quick Facts

Project Objective: Enable direct access to SharePoint-stored data from within HubSpot, while ensuring no data is stored on HubSpot’s platform.

Technology Used: Advanced custom API calls integrated directly within HubSpot

Impact: Streamlined and secure access to data directly from the HubSpot platform, ensuring HIPAA compliance

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