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Enhancing Healthcare Fundraising with Slack Elevate and Prysm Integration

Actionable Insight AI Prysm Platform

CETDIGIT helped Actionable Insight enhance internal communication, collaboration, and fundraising efficiency with Slack Elevate and Prysm integration

Actionable Insight, a leader in strategic management services for non-profit healthcare, collaborates with CETDIGIT, a Salesforce Consulting Partner, to revolutionize fundraising strategies. Together, they developed Prysm, a cutting-edge CRM application designed for non-profit healthcare fundraising. This case study delves into the integration of Slack Elevate with Prysm, focusing on improving internal communications and collaboration with clinicians to drive philanthropic outcomes.

Before the integration, Actionable Insight faced several challenges that hindered the effectiveness of their fundraising efforts:

  • Limited real-time collaboration between fundraising teams and clinicians, impacting the development of cohesive fundraising strategies.
  • Inefficiencies and delays in accessing critical fundraising information, leading to missed opportunities.
  • The need for a streamlined process that enables quicker decision-making and strategy implementation without patient involvement.

To address these challenges, CETDIGIT integrated Slack Elevate with Prysm, aiming to enhance communication and collaboration capabilities within the Salesforce platform.

Implementation Highlights

  • Strategic Integration: CETDIGIT identified key functionalities within Slack Elevate to enhance the collaborative efforts between fundraising teams and clinicians, facilitating seamless access to Salesforce data directly within Slack.
  • Customized Training: Ensuring a smooth transition, CETDIGIT provided tailored training for Actionable Insight's staff, focusing on leveraging Slack Elevate's capabilities to optimize fundraising workflows.
  • Ongoing Support and Optimization: CETDIGIT offered continuous support to Actionable Insight, fine-tuning the integration based on user feedback and evolving fundraising needs.

The integration of Slack Elevate with Prysm led to significant improvements in operational efficiency and fundraising effectiveness for Actionable Insight:

  • Accelerated communication and collaboration processes, reducing the time needed to align on and implement fundraising strategies.
  • Increased engagement and participation from clinicians, thanks to streamlined and efficient collaboration tools, contributing to more informed and impactful fundraising efforts.

Quick Facts

Streamlined Internal Communication

Enhanced Fundraising Efficiency

Improved Collaboration with Clinicians

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