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Circle Black

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“We have seen improvements in the quality of our data, and have achieved a much-improved customer interaction experience”

The journey begins with Circle Black, a company specializing in financial advisory services, facing a significant challenge. Their Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) process was inefficient, leading to missed opportunities and a lack of insight into the lead journey. The existing system was not capturing the full potential of their marketing efforts, resulting in a gap between marketing activities and sales outcomes. Circle Black needed a solution that could not only track the journey of each MQL effectively but also provide actionable insights to improve their marketing strategies.

Enter Cetrix, a renowned CRM solutions provider. They stepped in with a tailored approach, leveraging their expertise in Salesforce and HubSpot CRM systems. Cetrix embarked on a journey to transform Circle Black's MQL process. They implemented an integrated CRM system that not only streamlined the lead tracking process but also provided deep insights into each lead's journey. This system was designed to capture detailed data from the initial point of contact through to the final stages of the marketing funnel, ensuring no lead was left untracked.

The solution also included the development of a specialized report. This report was a game-changer, offering a comprehensive view of the MQL journey, highlighting key touchpoints, and identifying areas for improvement. It enabled Circle Black to have a clear, data-driven understanding of their marketing efforts and their impact on lead generation and conversion.

The results of this collaboration were transformative for Circle Black. The new CRM system and the detailed MQL tracking report brought about a significant improvement in lead management and conversion rates. Circle Black experienced a marked increase in the efficiency of their marketing efforts, with a clearer alignment between marketing and sales. The insights gained from the report enabled them to fine tune their strategies, leading to more targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

Moreover, the enhanced visibility into the lead journey helped Circle Black in understanding their customer's needs better, thereby improving client satisfaction and retention. The project was not just a technical success but also a strategic milestone, setting a new standard for how Circle Black approached their marketing and sales alignment.

Quick Facts

Project Scope: Refinement of the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) process and development of a comprehensive MQL tracking report for Circle Black

Key Technologies Used: Salesforce and HubSpot CRM systems, integrated for enhanced lead tracking and analysis.

Impact: Significant improvement in lead management and conversion rates, better alignment of marketing and sales strategies, and increased efficiency in marketing efforts.

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