Personalization through Salesforce enabled to increase donor conversion by 300%.

The Challenge
The Solution
The Result wanted to make it easy for public schools in the United States to post project requests and receive funding.

They wanted to connect schools and teachers with funding gaps for books, field trips, art supplies and instruments, for example, with willing donors.

In addition to this they wanted to provide donors with a personalized philanthropic experience regardless of the size of their donation, fulfilling the needs of today’s donor. used Marketing Cloud and Salesforce App Cloud to build their donation platform.

Marketing Cloud enabled to create more personalized experiences through which to connect teachers and donors:

  • Donors receive an email with suggestions of projects they might like to fund
  • This is based on their past giving history and interests
  • Donors get a breakdown of how their money was spent and a thank you from the beneficiaries

Beyond email, Marketing Cloud also enables the scheduling and management of related content across Facebook and other social media channels and respond quickly to emergencies.

Personalized appeals through Marketing Cloud increased the donor conversion rate by 300%.

Personalization and automation mean each of the 1.5 million donors receive an experience previously reserved for only major donors. The result is more returning to give again. used Sales Cloud to analyze and manage its revenue funnel. Around half its funding comes from foundations and corporate donations. By measuring progress on fundraising targets, it can develop new strategies to achieve these.

Sales Cloud streamlined business development:

  • Lead tracking means no fundraising opportunity is lost
  • The program is easily scaled to support many corporate partners and foundations
  • During conversations, the entire relationship history can be seen
  • Leads become partnerships faster

With Salesforce

  • Developed a large corporate partner network
  • Exceeded its annual fundraising goal within 6 months
  • Raised more than $300-million
  • Provided vital resources to 225,000 teachers
  • Benefited 13 million school kids
  • Funded projects in over 60% of U.S. public schools
  • Partnered with on $500,000 funding in computer coding instruction, 15,000 teachers have already registered

With App Cloud’s scalability can innovate to become a force for educational reform.


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Personalized appeals through Marketing Cloud increased donor conversion by 300% exceeding its annual fundraising target in 6 months.

donors choose.png uses Sales Cloud to analyze and manage its revenue funnel enabling it to develop new strategies to achieve fundraising targets.

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With Sales Cloud the program was easily scaled enabling to raise more than $300 million and benefit 13 million school kids.

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Take the next step into the future

With the help of new possibilities in the digital age, especially through automation processes in combination with Artificial Intelligence  there are three main advantages that can be used to increase sales:

  • Faster production processes
  • Fewer errors
  • Better usability of machines

Your employees, customers and not least your company will benefit from these results.

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