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Build a Connected Campus Experience

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Recruiting &

Reimagine applicant engagement with recruitment marketing software


Student Experience.

Increase retention and ensure equitable student success


Faculty &

Enhance services while building trust and safety with faculty software on Education Cloud



Build lifelong alumni and donor relationships.


Marketing Communications

Deliver unified experiences with an education marketing platform.


Get the innovative solutions your institution needs to build trust and stay resilient.


Reimagine Applicant Engagement with Recruitment Marketing Software.

Modernize Recruitment and Admissions

Leverage the most scalable recruitment and admissions platform to meet enrollment goals. Find best-fit students, streamline application and decisioning processes, and foster high-touch relationships -- from prospect to enrollment. Unify data, actionable insights, and team collaboration with Admissions Connect, the admissions CRM software that simplifies admissions management and application review on the #1 CRM.
Modernize Recruitment and Admissions

Strengthen Top of-Funel Engagement

Build brand awareness, perform targeted marketing and communications campaigns, and engage with prospective students on the channels they prefer. Listen to what they are saying on social media, and discover more about them as they interact with your website. With personalized journeys, drive higher engagement across channels including email, advertising, SMS, and social.

Deliver a Connected Journey

Provide relevant, empathetic, and proactive outreach to prospective students at every step, and empower them to self serve 24/7 with chatbots to answer common questions, freeing up staff to focus on higher priority needs. Optimize yield management and mitigate summer melt to ensure accepted students stay engaged with proactive support, including their onboarding experience. Foster a fully supported lifecycle journey by easily sharing records with student success teams, helping to ensure students are prepared to succeed on Day 1 and beyond.

Leverage a Single View with Admission Concepts

Imagine all of your prospective student and application data available in one place, anytime, anywhere. With admissions management software, update a prospect’s file, communicate with the financial aid department, take application information on-the-spot, or tell a prospect what’s missing from their application. Empower collaborative application review with a rich reader experience that supports dynamic feedback and document management.

Take Action with Real-Time Data Insights

Unlock new opportunities to fill your pipeline with qualified students, including those most likely to enroll. Powerful dashboards put predictive modeling, automated scoring, and AI-enabled engagement capabilities in the palm of your hand, without needing to go to IT. Easily monitor how you’re doing against your enrollment management goals, from managing your funnel to projecting net tuition revenue. Uncover patterns, measure outcomes, and take action in a single view.

Join and Ecosystem of Innovation

Good partners help you adapt fast and maximize the power of the Salesforce platform — from events management to application forms. AppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace which includes thousands of solutions that install in just a few clicks. By getting access to world-class expert partners, you can find more success as an organization as you continue building your admissions management system on an industry-standard architecture.


Transform the Student Experience

Increase Retention and Ensure Equitable Student Success.

Transform the Student Experience

What if you could drive student success and wellbeing through one platform? By unifying data and engagement on the #1 CRM, Salesforce inspires collaboration and keeps students on track to timely graduation. The result is a personalized experience that fosters wellbeing, increases retention, and simplifies the life of a student to make an impact on the greater world.

Maximize Student Engagement

Students expect personalized experiences and support. Salesforce enables personalization with communication journeys that trigger relevant messages based on real-time behavior. Automate communication with students on their preferred channel — email, SMS, social, chat, or Slack — and use robust insights to measure impact.

Streamline Student Services

Too often, students run around campus to complete tasks. This creates an overwhelming experience, jeopardizing student success and retention. With Salesforce, remove barriers and provide 24/7 self-service from anywhere. A one-stop center, including chatbots, helps you focus on what matters - engagement, retention, and wellbeing.

Deliver Unified Advising Experiences

To navigate academic, career, and wellbeing challenges, students need unified advising experiences. Salesforce helps you connect everyone — students, staff, advisors, and faculty — with Student Success Hub for Higher Education. Understand students deeply, identify risk trends, and ensure students stay on a path to success.

Unlock Access To Careers

Unlock equitable access to internships and fulfilling careers by empowering students to develop skills, prepare for their job search, and connect with employers. With Salesforce, careers teams deepen their connections with students and monitor their progress, helping to ensure every student achieves their life purpose.


Enhance Services While Building Trust and Safety with Faculty Software on Education Cloud

Elevate Your Faculty and Staff Experience
Salesforce for faculty empowers institutions to elevate their employee experience by transforming onboarding and communications, reimagining the intranet, and streamlining service.
Elevate Your Faculty and Staff Experience

Reimagine the Intranet

Provide faculty and staff with simple access to collaboration tools, communication resources, and easy ways to support their favorite causes through volunteering. With everything at their fingertips, employees are more productive and engaged when working from anywhere.

Streamline Employee Service

Simplify employee service across channels with self-service support, Al, and chatbots that make supporting staff more efficient and productive. Help your employees help themselves with a self-service portal, knowledge articles, ticket updates, and built-in workflows. Offer multi-channel support and connect with your employees on channels like chat, mes saging, email, and more.

Transform Onboarding and Communications

As new faculty and staff onboard, you now have the building blocks to personalize their experiences. Design 1:1 personalized communication journeys across channels, and analyze those efforts. Create triggered pathways using myTrailhead that enable your team to learn information in bite-sized increments that will help them succeed in their new role.

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Build lifelong relationships

Build lifelong alumni and Donor Relationships.

Build lifelong relationships.

Today’s advancement and alumni relations teams are focused on improving and modernizing their strategies for success. With Education Cloud, teams can leverage an integrated advancement solution that helps break down data silos, drive major gifts and online fundraising, improve reporting and insights with AI, personalize engagement, and steward longtime supporters.

Drive Fundraising Productivity

Easily execute multi-channel fundraising and stewardship campaigns at scale to increase donor affinity, participation, and donation size. Ensure gift officer productivity on-the-go with a native mobile app and keep executive teams updated in real-time with campaign dashboards, reporting, projections, and recommendations. Learn how Education Cloud helped a private research institution increase annual pledges and return on investment.

Personalize Engagement

Build a 360-degree view of your alumni, donors, volunteers, and other constituents. Leverage a wide range of communications features to easily personalize engagement and track meaningful conversations at scale across social, web, email, and mobile channels. Learn how to support your entire community during the COVID-19 crisis. Learn how UCSF improved email open rates and exceeded their event registration goals.

Streamline Operations

Accurately and efficiently drive prospect research and reporting. Streamline gift entry with Gift Entry Manager (GEM). Inform strategy and measure campaign effectiveness and ROI while accessing predictive analysis tools. Implement, maintain, and enhance institutional progress through a robust app and partner ecosystem. Learn how the University of Michigan Alumni Association reduced membership acquisition costs by 50%.

Efficient Online Giving

Easily create branded campaigns with Giving Pages and deliver user-friendly mobile giving experiences. With Payment Services, giving operations can smoothly process and track donations using the Salesforce CRM. These products are part of a fully-integrated fundraising suite called Elevate*. Discover how Elevate can save giving teams time and effort and engage donors in new ways.

Align Giving & Accounting

Easily prepare fundraising information for your institution’s accounting system. Accounting Subledger connects fundraising and finance by ensuring consistent revenue and payment data across multiple programs, providing greater transparency and accountability for stakeholders. Discover how Accounting Subledger saves fundraising and finance teams significant time and budget on data reconciliation.


Deliver Unified Experiences with an Education Marketing Platform.

Strategic Digital Marketing

Today’s higher ed marketers are faced with new challenges. Achieving enrollment, retention, fundraising, and other revenue goals aren’t as automatic as they once were. Connected experiences have become the standard for most students and constituents, forcing marketers to expand beyond their traditional tactics to exceed expectations. Learn how Education Cloud empowers institutions of all sizes and backgrounds to deliver amazing digital engagement.
Strategic Digital Marketing

Personalize Across Touchpoints

With Education Cloud, every department can deliver a streamlined experience every step of the way by connecting the right students and constituents with the right content at the right time. Create a comprehensive view of every contact by connecting data across sources and devices. Leverage data and AI to plan campaigns, react in real time, measure performance, optimize impact, and maximize ROI. Learn how Arizona State University increased open rates by 7% and decreased nonsubscriber rates by 90%.

Empower Every Marketer

SEducation Cloud centralizes and streamlines operations for teams across campus by enabling marketers to maintain consistency in design and messaging to students and constituents, providing admins the ability to manage access for all users, and giving leaders visibility into performance for each user, school, and department. Learn how leaders at seven institutions have made marketing a strategic imperative.

Engage Best-Fit Students

Recruitment and admissions teams use Education Cloud to fill and nurture their pipeline with quality prospects, launch personalized campaigns across channels that deliver results, and gain deeper insight with AI and analytics to optimize every interaction and measure marketing ROI. Learn how Concordia College is lowering costs and exceeding their enrollment goals.

Boost Affinity & Fundraising

Advancement and alumni relations teams can use Education Cloud to launch campaigns that encourage alumni and donors to get involved and give back. Meet them across the channels they prefer, deliver relevant content, and provide giving and volunteer opportunities based on their interests. Drive deeper insights with data from multiple sources, apply AI and analytics to optimize every interaction and measure ROI. Learn how the University of Michigan Alumni Association reduced membership acquisition costs by 50%.

Build Student Belonging

Advising teams can use Education Cloud to ensure that students are given every opportunity to connect with the broader campus community. Discover what makes your students tick by keeping a finger on the pulse of social channels to learn what students enjoy and what they wish they could change. Learn how Dordt University personalizes engagement for students across 35 states and 31 countries.

Connect the Fan Experience

With Education Cloud, athletics departments can promote games, events, new team gear, and more across their preferred channels. Segment fans and supporters and send them on digital journeys with personalized content that connects them to their favorite teams. On game day, deliver a connected experience by monitoring fan sentiment and responding to interactions over social channels. See how Pacers Sports & Entertainment (PS&E) improved email engagement by 20%.


Cetrix Higher Ed and Nonprofit Solution


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