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Real Time Analytics

We combine tools like Big data, analytics with Salesforce CRM and your choice of marketing platform to check real-time data at any point of time.

Analytics & AI

Bringing Insight Out of the Dark

Any company executive who has been in a market knows the value of insight into the evolving trends and dynamics of that market. It puts any executive or manager in a position to make confident and informed decisions with lower risk. This is true for leaders in any non-commercial or public entities as well.

Data analytics is the powerful light that can bring out of the dark those factors that are critical for any decision-making. It works on top of the vast amount of past data, now called Big Data, which already exists in the company in the form of structured or unstructured data. When designed and implemented properly, a data analytics interface will show you how your company performed in the past, how it is expected to do in the future in-line with your current company trends, and how it compares with competitors.


Data Analytics and AI

Extending the power of data analytics adds systems that show you the areas of your operation which can improve and provide you with recommendations of how to make the improvements happen. This is where AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications come into the picture. With highly advanced and complex algorithms working at their core, these applications can provide you with descriptive (status quo) and prescriptive (future action recommendations) analysis results. 

Table of Contents

  1. Retrieving User Intent for Anonymous, Intensive, Lapsed and Repeat Customers
  2. AI-Powered B2B Content Personalization Based on Live User Intent
  3. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Process Automation

What Cetrix Offers

 We work with analytics and big data and AI software systems from IBM, Google, Cloudera and Salesforce to give our customers the most advanced decision-making tools of our age:

  • We try to be as flexible as possible with our prices so the customer who comes to us to solve their problems is satisfied;
  • We devise a plan that's adapted to the requirements and constraints of our customer;
  • We work with our customer in all phases of the project so that anything that's left out of the requirements statement is reflected in the outcome;
  • We support everything we do and offer a comprehensive support plan to our customers to choose from according to their needs.

Combined with Salesforce CRM and Hubspot marketing Automation platform, you can have real-time analytics at your service wherever you need them.