Process Automation for Business Resilency in Saudi Vision 2030

Data emerging from the last two years suggests that business process automation is defining the current wave of digital transformation that began in the late 2010s and is set to peak over the next several years. These technologies are key to a transition from the human-driven business processes that can dampen progress and constrain your workforce towards more automated workflows. Those that succeed in the coming trend of intensifying competition and technological change set off by automation will play a key role in realizing Saudi Vision 2030.

A key factor in winning this competition will be adopting the initiatives outlined by Saudi Vision 2030 to develop a strategy that not only deploys automation technologies but aligns them with optimized business processes. To accomplish this, managers are having to take a fresh look at operations new and old, in addition to the human elements and emotions that drive them.


The commonly deployed automation technologies include robotic process automation and business-process platforms. While these have been around for some time, the gains made in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Image Recognition are driving their success and adoption. Currently, these are most commonly deployed in marketing and customer-service related tasks with software designed to improve sales conversion rates and engage customers with minimal human intervention.


According to the same study, 57% of businesses globally are using some form of business management platforms to guide policy implementation and automate business decisions such as targeting a customer segment with a specific marketing message, a functionality optimized in the Salesforce CRM Platform recommended by Cetrix. Robotic process automation, or ‘bots’, as they are commonly referred to, are in use at a rate of 44% and are at the heart of what Gartner called (paywall), “Hyperautomation.” A term that describes business processes that are fully end-to-end and are not simply a series of siloed automated tasks.


Not every business has experienced the full benefits of automation or is prepared for the coming Hyperautomation trend. Companies that reported success in their automation efforts did three (3) key things - (1) they prioritized automation, (2) they aligned automation with overall business strategy, and perhaps most importantly, (3) the previous two initiatives were undertaken directly by C-Suite executives.


Saudi businesses who look at automation simply as a cost-savings initiative will fail to realize it’s full benefits; choosing to automate processes simply because they are repetitive, mundane or high-cost. The experts at Cetrix will avoid this common trap by pairing their deep technological skill with experienced insight into process mining, data analytics, and process standardization. This type of holistic automation ensures your business is more resilient to systemic shocks such as the COVID-19 pandemic that hurt workforce participation throughout KSA while thinning profit margins.


Cetrix has the record of success necessary to bring about the lasting benefits promised by Saudi Vision 2030. We do this by specializing in the gold standard of marketing and customer service automation software, Salesforce. We are the #1 Salesforce Silver Partner in all of KSA and have the deep skills to deploy, customize and scale the latest automated Salesforce solutions. Start today to begin transforming your organization with Salesforce automation and business process optimization to be more proactive and ‘future-proofed’.