Customer-Centric Digital Transformation in Saudi Vision 2030

The phrase “digital transformation” is everywhere, denoting the upgrade from old to new technologies and the subsequent switch to less human and more digital business processes that is global in scope. For business and government leaders in the KSA, digital transformation is about coordinated sovereign investments that combine the power of Saudi Arabia’s IT and human resources to meet its strategic goals. From a technology perspective this involves the hybridization of digital infrastructures to include private and public cloud technologies, the integration of applications across both internal and customer-facing portals, and the scaling of automated workflows.


Digital transformation of private and public organizations is necessary to achieving the kingdom’s goals laid out in Saudi Vision 2030 that call upon everyone to work together to achieve a modern and human-centric economy. This would mean faster development and broad based prosperity, all driven by investment portfolio diversification and an expansion of the tax base.


But by itself, the phrase digital transformation stops short of telling the entire story of what can occur by harnessing technology to deliver results for more stakeholders. What is being forwarded by the KSA through Saudi Vision 2030 is really a human story centered on the dynamic between updated governance policies, digital infrastructure, and its downstream effect on consumers.


During times of great change, the importance of sound and stable leadership cannot be overstated. It is key to maximizing the potential of digital transformation and understanding how technology can incentivize the restructuring of organizations to better align with emerging opportunities. The resulting collaborations among members of your leadership spurred on by the Saudi vision for its digital transformation will also include buy-in from both employees and customers.  


This means that as digital transformation has organizations looking inward for ways to be more efficient and resilient, they must consider the impact this has on all stakeholders. Customers, in particular, when properly served, are highly engaged, loyal and eager to buy. All while remaining unrelenting in their expectations. When taken in combination, this entails the development and precise execution of a strategy that views digital transformation and the customer experience it can enable, differently.


A useful lens to apply in service of this goal is to view customer interactions, which now rapidly span the entire customer funnel, as a buyer’s journey, rather than a series of consumer touchpoints. In the conventional view, it is an organization's job to deploy its technological and human resources at primary customer engagement points to condense a nuanced experience into mere seconds


It was therefore the goal of business processes such as marketing and customer service to leave a distilled impression that was vulnerable to whatever the consumer experienced in between those touchpoints. Now, the digitally transformed organization can strategically align resources internally in order to tactically deploy them to eliminate this vulnerability.


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